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070 Marketing Over Coffee w/ John J. Wall and Kevin Maney


For the first time ever, we are dropping an episode from one of Christopher’s favorite podcast, Marketing Over Coffee, with host John Wall. Recently, they did an episode with the legendary author, Kevin Maney. Kevin, as you probably know, is a multi-time successful, bestselling author. He’s one of the co-authors of Play Bigger with Christopher.

In this episode of Lochhead on Marketing / Marketing Over Coffee Crossover, Kevin talks about his recent book Unscaled. They also talk about what that means and how powerful it is. And of course, category design and many other things.

Category Design and Play Bigger

Kevin shares about category design and his co-authored book Play Bigger. He also shares how the book led to the creation of Category Design Advisors. He further discusses his new book Unscaled – how world-changing technologies are taking apart scaled up industries.

“We started to go down that road together, the four of us meeting out at Chris’s wonderful house in Santa Cruz, California, riding our bikes to the beach in between long conversations. Over time, we tease out this idea of category design, which didn’t exist before. We all got together and started talking about this stuff.” – Kevin Maney on planning for the book Play Bigger 


Kevin describes how he ended up writing the book Unscaled, which was about how all of these new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, 3D printing and genomics, and these world-changing technologies, and how they’re all coming together to allow us to reinvent our current systems. 

“We got together with Stephen Klasko, who’s the CEO of Jefferson Health, one of the bigger health care systems in the country based in Philadelphia. Steven came out and I took that healthcare chapter of Unscaled to write a, what we actually call a manifesto. It’s about 60 pages long, describing how all these new technologies can take apart the old healthcare system, which was really based on taking care of people after they were sick.” – Kevin Maney on his book Unscaled

Other Noteworthy Topics

Kevin and John discussed a whole lot more noteworthy topics ranging from the IoT in health data, the economics of it all and the rise of telehealth. They also touched on the topic of shifting to online education and the history of IBM.

“I tend to look at almost everything anymore through the lens of health, either category design or upscaling, because I do believe that those are the two things that are going to drive technology, and create the most interesting technology companies of the next decade.” – Kevin Maney

To know more about Kevin Maney, download and listen to this episode.


Kevin Maney is a bestselling author, award-winning columnist, and partner at Category Design Advisors (CDA). He co-authored Play Bigger: How Pirates, Dreamers and Innovators Create and Dominate Markets, which gave birth to the discipline of category design.

His book The Maverick and His Machine: Thomas Watson Sr. and the Making of IBM is the definitive biography of the man who built IBM.

Maney has been a contributor to Newsweek, Fortune, The Atlantic, Fast Company, Strategy + Business,, CNN and ABC News, among other media outlets.

Additionally, he was a contributing editor at Conde Nast Portfolio during its brief run from 2007 to 2009. For 22 years, Maney was a columnist, editor and reporter at USA Today.

He’s appeared frequently on television and radio, including CBS Sunday Morning and NPR, and lectures at conferences and universities, including New York University, UNC in Chapel Hill, and his alma mater, Rutgers. 



Marketing Over Coffee: Kevin Maney Talks Unscaled

Marketing Over Coffee: Christopher Lochhead on Play Bigger, and Legends and Losers

Marketing Over Coffee: Niche Down!

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163 How to build a breakthrough | Mike Maples, Jr. Floodgate Capital

163 How To Build A Breakthrough | Mike Maples, Jr. Floodgate Capital

Today, the 1st in a two-part series on entrepreneurship, we have entrepreneur, Co-Founder of FloodGate and host of “Starting Greatness” Mike Maples, Jr. He recently wrote “How to build a breakthrough: the secret of back-casting” and we’re going to go deep on it today!

Watch out for our next episode, we’re having founder/CEOs Osman Rashid. He started $8B, publicly-traded Chegg and now

Status of Silicon Valley

Christopher and Mike starts their discussion about the state of Silicon Valley. Both agreed that most of Silicon Valley companies are the first adopters of sheltering in place and work from home arrangements. It has definitely benefitted some companies who have adjusted early on.

However, they also Mike also describes this coronavirus pandemic as a “hand of God” who “punished” some companies and catapulted some to success. 

“I’ve never really seen a situation where you have a tale of two types of businesses. Most recessions, they affect some worse than others, but they affect everybody badly to some degree. Whereas what we’re seeing in this one is: it’s almost like a lot of things that were already starting to gather, got accelerated forward telemedicine, remote distributed work, distance learning, remote work infrastructure. So you could make the case that this has had a dramatic impact in both directions ironically.” – Mike Maples Jr.

Moving Forward By Looking Backward

Mike recently created an interesting piece about moving forward by looking backward. He mentions that the future doesn’t happen to us. It happens because of us. He further explains why he wrote the piece and how it can help entrepreneurs plan their future. 

“Great founders design the future. Design is the right word. It’s not just about drawings or how things look or even how they function or perform. It’s about people with a determined idea of what a better future should be. Not only building that better future, but convincing people in the present to change the trajectory, that they’re on.”  – Mike Maples Jr.

Create A Movement To Move A Market

For Mike, entrepreneurs don’t discover markets. They create movements that become markets. They move people to their point of view and they move people from the present to a better future. 

“I thought it might be useful to try to help entrepreneurs get some lessons that I’d received from some of the super performers that I’ve worked with on how do you build a breakthrough. I’ve spent a lot of time over the years trying to deconstruct what they do and how it’s different from what normal startups look like. That is why I wrote this post on backcasting.” – Mike Maples Jr.

To know more about how backcasting can help you design the future that you want and for more information about Mike, download and listen to this episode.


Mike Maples, Jr is a Partner at Floodgate. He has been on the Forbes Midas List since 2010 and was also named one of “8 Rising Stars” by FORTUNE Magazine.

Before becoming a full-time investor, Mike was involved as a founder and operating executive at back-to-back startup IPOs, including Tivoli Systems (IPO TIVS, acquired by IBM) and Motive (IPO MOTV, acquired by Alcatel-Lucent.)

Some of Mike’s investments include Twitter,, ngmoco, Weebly, Chegg, Bazaarvoice, Spiceworks, Okta, and Demandforce.

Mike is known for coining the term “Thunder Lizards,” which is a metaphor derived from Godzilla that describes the tiny number of truly exceptional companies that are wildly disruptive capitalist mutations. Mike likes to think of himself as a hunter of the “atomic eggs” that beget these companies.

Interests: Calligraphy, cinematography, and sporting clays.



Twitter: @m2jr

Linkedin: Maples

How to build a breakthrough, Medium

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020 The Power of Podcast Guesting w/Tom Schwab, CEO of Interview Valet

020 The Power Podcast Guesting w/Tom Schwab, CEO of Interview Valet

From time to time, we will bring on guests to go deep on a topic in a particular field. Today’s guest is Tom Schwab, founder of Interview Valet. As we celebrate International Podcast Day, we will discuss the power of podcast guesting and why it is a strategic component of legendary marketing today.

Connecting with People

Tom stresses the importance of podcast guesting, especially for business executives, authors, and entrepreneurs. He believes exposure brings opportunity and podcast guesting is one of the most intimate and targeted ways for customers to know somebody.

“I love podcasts because its a way to really connect with people. You’re not yelling, you’re talking with them. They’re choosing to listen to you.” – Tom Schwab

Mainstream Media vs. Podcasting

Tom discusses how powerful podcasting. He says it should be a major part of one’s content strategy. In mainstream media, aside from the cost to advertise (television, print, and radio), one acquires a limited time and limited space, unlike in podcast guesting, where it reaches hundreds of thousands, overtime.

“You’re tapping into an audience, getting that like and trust, getting introduced by someone,  they already know. The other thing too is, if you do a live speech, it’s really hard to repurpose that content. If you do a podcast interview, you can do the transcript to make blogs.” – Tom Schwab

Christopher agrees with Tom, as he speaks based on experience. He mentions how he appears on different mainstream media and only get to share a portion of his thoughts for a few seconds.

“Podcast interview is an easy and scalable way to really go deeper. People will understand you and what really drove you, why you got into the business. People should know they could like and trust you. That’s really hard to do in a 30 sec clip or a little Facebook ad.”  – Tom Schwab

The Golden Age of Podcasting

Tom cites Harvard University and the conference that they organized last year on podcasting. They call this time as the Golden Age of Podcasting and there is never the best time to explore podcast advertising other than at the present time.

Christopher also shares that there is a lot of whitespace opportunity in podcasting. He believes that there is a high value for sponsors because podcasts provide a high level of intimacy in terms of getting to know the guests through a conversation.

“I think today, brands want to know the heart behind it. Those people that can get out there early and explain that, not in an ad but in an actual conversation. To me, that’s where you can really build up a lifetime value of a customer.” – Tom Schwab

To hear more about the power of podcast guesting and more relevant information from Tom Schwab, download and listen to the episode.


Tom Schwab knows how to build an online business.

He’s done it successfully several times and now helps others find online success with podcast interview marketing.

Marketing at its heart is starting a conversation with someone who could be an ideal customer.

Tom helps thought leaders (coaches, authors, speakers, consultants, emerging brands) get featured on leading podcasts their ideal prospects are already listening to. The Interview Valet system then helps them to turn listeners into customers.

The author of Podcast Guest Profits: Grow Your Business with a Targeted Interview Strategy, Tom is also Founder/CEO of Interview Valet, the category king of Podcast Interview Marketing.


Linkedin – Thomas Schwab

Interview Valet

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100 Grumpy Old Geeks Co-Host Brian Schulmeister

100 Grumpy Old Geeks Co-Host Brian Schulmeister

Today, we have a super fun conversation with Brian Schulmeister, the co-host of Grumpy Old Geeks podcast. We shared stories about music and what it was like doing websites for top bands and names in the industry. Of course, we got our grump on! We talk about what’s in the news: undersea data cables, A.I, data breach and many more!

Websites For Music Artists

Brian Schulmeister is the co-founder of Slender Fungus, a design company working primarily within the music industry. His vast experience in building websites landed him projects with big names such as Goo Goo Dolls, Alanis Morisette, Green Day, Coldplay and Rihanna, among others.

He started his career way back in 1996 and he shared some interesting points on how he went on to pursue clients on his own. He also commented on the music industry at the present time and how consumers are consuming it so poorly.

“The generation now and the way people experience music now is so shallow and disconnected from the artist and its singles. Spotify playlist through horrible headphones, it’s just bad.” – Brian Schulmeister

Grumpy, Angry and Too Depressed

Brian Schulmeister is the co-host of the podcast Grumpy Old Geeks, with Jason DeFelippo. The podcast, which is included in Christopher’s Top 5 list, has originally started as a joke but the hosts later realized they were admittedly angry about a lot of topics. Brian admits he is angry and still is but they try to pepper the episodes with humor.

“The funny thing is at one point I literally wanted to quit the podcast. I felt I was getting too grumpy, too angry, too depressed. I really did. It was shortly after the birth of my child and I started to realize that I really need to have a better outlook in life right now.”  – Brian Schulmeister

Let’s Get Our Grump On!

In relation to technology topics, Christopher says that it is easy to be cynical and be fun and grumpy on technology but the reality is, technology has made the world a better place. It has created more opportunities and breakthroughs in the lives of human beings.

“We are at a tipping point right now, at least for technology. We can very easily lose control of sh*t right now. There are some important movements going on right now, the whole data and human rights.” – Brian Schulmeister

Christopher discusses some topics that are on the news such as the 8000 undersea data cables from Hong Kong to Los Angeles, or the data breach at Capital One that allegedly also compromised another 30 companies. They also shared a good laugh about different kinds of farts and shared their reactions about a man collapsing his lungs after a 2-hour karaoke session.

To hear more about the Grumpy Old Geeks Co-Host Brian Schulmeister, download and listen to the episode.


Brian lives in Venice, CA, frequents Toronto and London and has spent a lot of the last 10 years happily living out of a suitcase – and a large backpack filled with laptops, cords, wires and various bits and bobs that bloop and bleep.

He’s the co-founder of Slender Fungus, a design company working primarily within the music industry.

He is also the co-writer with Rob Takac of the Goo Goo Dolls in Amungus, an electronica based music project that’s released an EP and played a few festivals.

Brian started with technology at the dawn of time, even running his own BBS at the age of 13, and has stuck with it since then.

And as the co-host of the wildly popular Grumpy Old Geeks Podcast, needless to say, he’s quite grumpy.


Grumpy Old Geeks 

LinkedIn: Slender Fungus 

Topics discussed in this Oddcast:

National Security Concerns Threaten Undersea Data Link Backed by Google, Facebook

Everything We Know About the Capital One Hacking Case So Far: A new indictment against alleged Capital One hacker Paige Thompson includes a few fresh details about the case.

Too Much Karaoke Sent a Man to the Hospital with a Collapsed Lung

AI can predict when someone will die with unsettling accuracy

The world’s funniest fart sounds messy, lasts four seconds and is embarrassing, scientists say.

French ‘Flying Man’ crosses Channel on jet-powered hoverboard

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096 Performance Marketing & Podcasting Media w/ Dan Granger, CEO of Oxford Road

096 Performance Marketing, & Podcasting Media w/ Dan Granger, CEO of Oxford Road

Podcasting has never been hotter! Dan Granger joins us today to have a unique, thoughtful and inspiring conversation about performance marketing & podcasting media. He is the CEO of Oxford Road, the pioneer in digital performance advertising, which he also talks about today.

The Incubation Period

Dan has done an incredible job of being early in new digital areas that produce meaningful results both for a performance and branding perspective for marketers.

He started paying attention to podcasting way back in 2006 but not only until the year 2012 did he start monetizing it, through advertisement placement on podcasts. Officially in 2013, they started working with unheard-of brands like Zip Recruiter, Blue Apron and Hulu.

“I had a 10-year background in radio. What was interesting is we get to ride two simultaneous waves that were really, really influential in the marketplace—both in media and general business.” – Dan Granger

Startups Building Businesses in Podcasting

Dan notes that it was all early adaptersgeeks and gamerswho tried out podcasting and they resonated with people. Listeners appreciate the fact that something different happens technologically. In addition to that, the audiences were willing to try something that was entirely different and “disruptive.”

“I’m listening to audio in a way that has never been consumed before.” – Dan Granger on early listeners of podcasts

Podcasting is a big deal. Dan shares how a lot of brands got their growth spurt at the back of the podcast industry. They were efficient in buying these podcasts before it started to become popular with the mainstream.

“It really changes when you go ‘I’m really scared to spend this first 10 Grand’ to ‘I just got sold for a Billion dollars’ is a very different culture and priorities.” – Dan Granger 

Is Podcasting Merging With Radio?

Christopher agrees with Dan about companies differentiating themselves quickly via podcasting. However, he noted the indirect proportion of the amount of growth and the actual dollar brought about by advertising.

“Yes this is a technological advancement, that means you can have more commercials. So my prediction, in not too distant future, we’re going to see advertising loads change tremendously. You may have to stick around till after the break.” – Dan Granger 

Christopher posed an important question about whether podcasting is merging with radio formats. Dan candidly answered that it has many threats more than opportunities and it will be hard to fight this movement.

“There will be individuals who will stay independent — Joe Rogan, Tim Ferris, probably a lot of people like yourself who are really just purist and committed to the craft and love the fact that it’s not radio. It’s got this pirate radio about vibe to it.”  – Dan Granger 

To hear more about Performance Marketing & Podcasting Media and more relevant information about Dan, download and listen to the episode.


Dan Granger is the CEO and founder of Oxford Road, a leading ad agency and ad-tech developer.

Since starting Oxford Road in 2013, Dan has teamed with countless “unicorn” companies on TV, radio and podcast advertisements on some of the country’s biggest shows, including Tim Ferriss and Joe Rogan.


Linkedin – Dan Granger

Company Website – Oxford Road

Adweek Contributor Dan Granger 

The Future of Performance Marketing With Oxford Road CEO Dan Granger

Time Magazine: “Big Money Is Pouring Into Podcasting. Some Podcasters Love It — But Others Are Freaked Out”

Mickey D’s is the latest company to hop on the branded podcast bandwagon

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088 The Impact Entrepreneur: Mike Flynn

Fellow entrepreneur and podcaster Mike Flynn joins us today for another great episode. He is a best-selling author and host of the podcast, The Impact Entrepreneur. Today, he talks about his heart-felt book “Master The Key,” the inspiration behind it and his opinions on personal development, commitment and service and many more. 

Facts About Employee Disengagement

Mike shares some important figures for employee disengagement at work. He says that “85% of the employees globally are disengaged at work.” Further, 40% of these American employees said they have a side gig that is related to their passion.

“If someone is following their passion and they really dont know what they are passionate about, and they don’t know what they are willing to suffer for, and they still haven’t left their job that they are disengaged at, when that business fails and they fall back from that place where they were disengaged, what’s gonna happen, Christopher?” – Mike Flynn

Personal Development in the Workplace

Christopher cited some of his observations about employee disengagement at work. He cites the visible impacts of this, such as the escalating depression rates and obesity problems.

Further, Christopher shared some important points from Episode 071: How to design a company that people are lining up to work for. He discussed the importance of the personal development of every employee. For him, happy individuals in the workplace result in positive company culture.

“Every company needs to be personal development company because every organization is made up of a bunch of individuals who are grappling with 4 fundamental questions: who am I, how do I show up in the world, what would I do when I get there, who do I do it with?” – Mike Flynn

The Podcast and the Book

Mike also talks about his podcast, “The Impact Entrepreneur.” He shares that he has not earned any money from the podcast for three years. He started monetizing his talents through his book and through public appearances as a speaker. He shares that all his efforts are done out of love.

“I was at a point in life when I needed to reach out to people and learn how they managed the various impact moments: the victories, the failures, the brokenness of their life and how they turned that into something that served the good.” – Mike Flynn

Additionally, he shares the inspiration behind his fictional book, “Master The Key: A Story to Free Your Potential, Find Meaning and Live Life on Purpose.”

To hear more about the impact entrepreneur himself, Mike Flynn, download and listen to the episode.


About Mike Flynn


The Impact Entrepreneur



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086 Grumpy Old Geek Stuff: Jason DeFillippo

086 Grumpy Old Geek Stuff: Jason DeFillippo

He’s back! Podcast legend and co-host of Grumpy Old Geeks podcast, Jason DeFillippo joins us for another dynamic conversation about the world of podcasting. They also touched a few recent topics about “who should be allowed at Disney World,” “why FaceApp is scarier than Facebook and Instagram” and many more!

Podcasting Is Alive!

In episode 006, Jason DeFillippo joined Christopher Lochhead to discuss a lot of random but viral topics. In this episode, DeFillippo did not disappoint as he shared his views on a lot of topics, firstly, about podcasting. 

“Those people are like you and I, we stick around and we get through the tough times. We’re not here to make a quick buck. We’re not here to turn a profit on 10 episodes or 6 episodes, on an iPhone on a library. You gotta put in the work.” – Jason DeFillippo

DeFillippo shared his comments about news writers who dub podcasting as dead. In unison, Lochhead shared statistics to prove that podcasting is, indeed, growing. They exchanged stories as hosts, such as their experiences with booking and rejecting guests and advertisers.

“I’m a craftsman, I’m an artist. I love to make new things. I love to try new things, that’s why I love podcasting. There’s always something new to learn but people who come into this, all they want to do is make money and that’s almost everybody that’s coming in now.” – Jason DeFillippo

Viral Issues: Where do you stand?

For a breather, Lochhead cites some viral stories and takes the standpoint of DeFillippo. 

Lochhead cites the Disney rant — where a mom’s rant about long queues and childless millennials in Disney World, goes viral. They also discussed Apple’s Siri recordings apparently sent out to contractors for analysis. DeFillippo believes it will not hurt the company in any way, just like how Facebook stock prices rose up after paying fines to the government. 

In relation to Security threats raised by Morgan Wright in Episode 84, about deep fakes and Russian FaceApp, DeFillippo brushed these events aside.

“Who cares? This is useless data. These photos? They could get that in the internet already. They care about a lot of other things, but a picture of you? No, ‘cause they’re looking at numbers. They care about your behavior and your demographics and how they can influence you.” – Jason DeFillippo

Moreover, Lochhead and DeFillippo discussed more recent top stories such as Equifax paying $125 for filling up a simple form and for bizarre stories, about a woman cuddling a giant pet snail. They sure did had fun having a rundown on these top and viral stories. 

To hear more about podcasting, viral stories and more relevant information from Jason, download and listen to the episode.


Jason is a full-time podcast producer and editor for The Jordan Harbinger Show as well as the Creator and Co-host of the Grumpy Old Geeks Podcast.

Jason has been building websites since the early days in 1994 for clients that range from small businesses to million dollar websites for blockbuster films to his own start-ups.

In 1994 he created the groundbreaking website Spewww which was nominated for a Webby in the first year the awards were held in 1998.

In 1995 a new media company in Santa Monica moved him out to Los Angeles to build the first website for Epson America.

Since then Jason has launched over 250 websites for major corporations like Paramount Pictures, Sony, Warner Brothers, and Disney. 

He also created the two time SXSW Weblog Award-winning Blogrolling service as well as co-founded the global blog network Metroblogging.

He has worked at several startups in San Francisco including Technorati and 8020 Media, the publishers of, and statistical aggregator Metricly.


Website – Jason DeFillippo




Website: Grumpy Old Geeks

Jordan Harbinger Show

Some of the topics covered:

Have We Hit Peak Podcast?

Childless millennials have no place at Disney World and should be banned, tired mom rants

Siri recordings ‘regularly’ sent to Apple contractors for analysis, claims whistleblower

‘Deepfakes’ Trigger a Race to Fight Manipulated Photos and Videos

Why you probably won’t actually get $125 from the Equifax settlement

Woman inseparable from giant pet snail that she loves cuddling on sofa

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085 Conversations vs Interviews

085 Conversations vs interviews

In this episode, Christopher Lochhead shares some insights about conversations (or dialogue) and interviews. Two gentlemen, a guy who messaged him on Linkedin and actor Tom Hanks, were the inspiration for this episode. Both underscored the difference between real conversation and typical interviews.

Safe, bankable and professional

Tom Hanks is one of the most successful and cleanest, most professional, family-friendly actors of all time. His movies have grossed over $5 Billion. He would unlikely get drunk and urinate in a hotel lobby on a press tour ⁠— which is why Disney hired him.

To shine a light on our topic, Tom Hanks was recently on Jimmy Kimmel to promote the newest Toy Story. He talked about how Disney enforced strict control over what he can and can not say about the movie. 

Ever wonder why you rarely hear a Fortune 500 CEO say anything interesting? Ever wonder why politicians don’t really answer questions? High profile people have been taught by lawyers and PR people to ‘bridge back’ to their talking points.” – Christopher Lochhead 

Everything is Scripted

As Lochhead observed, many politicians, celebrities and even CEOs say the same thing over and over again during interviews. The reason for this is: it is scripted! 

Interviews are almost 100% predictable and inauthentic ⁠— from the host looks, clothes to the shots, content, and substance. The whole interview focuses on PR talking points, legal constraints, predetermined narrative. Further, the whole “conversation” is rehearsed in advance. 

“Interviews are more like classical music. Conversations are different. They are more like rock ‘n roll; they feel a little more exciting and are free form.” – Christopher Lochhead

Conversations are like rock and roll

Conversations are different, as most of the time, the guest and host go off-script. Interestingly, one guy from Linkedin messaged Lochhead and provided feedback. He mentioned things such as “make it shorter, edit it to cut out the non-essential parts and seems not prepared enough in terms of the questions, seems more like an informal conversation.”

Lochhead further explained that that was not the objective of this podcast. However, he does understand that this style of odd-cast is not for everyone.

“People think out loud. They jam. They go beyond well rehearse lines. As a marketing guy, I’ve understood this for a long time. Conversations are way more interesting than interviews.” – Christopher Lochhead 

In this episode, we included some of the feedback we received from listeners about how they would describe the podcast to a friend. 

To hear more about conversations vs interviews and more relevant information from Christopher, download and listen to the episode.


Christopher advised over 50 venture-backed startups. He is a venture capital limited partner and a former three-time Silicon Valley public company CMO, entrepreneur. In addition, he co-authored two bestsellers: Niche Down and Play Bigger.

After he flunked school, with few other options, Christopher started his first company at the age of 18.

He was a chief marketing officer of software juggernaut Mercury Interactive. Hewlett-Packard, in 2006, acquired that company for $4.5 billion.

Further, he also co-founded the marketing consulting firm LOCHHEAD. Christopher was the founder/CMO of Internet consulting firm Scient. He also served as head of marketing at the CRM software firm Vantive.

Christopher loves his family and friends. He thinks the Ramones are legendary and loves riding the mountains and waves of Northern California.


Tom Hanks Revealed the Secret of How He Avoids Dropping Toy Story 4 Spoilers

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079 The Power of Unstructured Conversations w/ Podcaster Eric Hunley

The Power of Unstructured Conversations w/ Podcaster Eric Hunley

This is a great episode, with a great guy Eric Hunley, a fellow podcaster and host of Unstructured. He shares his learnings and insights from his guests—whose backgrounds range from FBI, military and law enforcement to entrepreneurs, authors, and thinkers.   

The Unstructured Podcast

Eric Hunley hosts the podcast Unstructured. Although he is well-known for his unstructured-style interview, he admits that he does a lot of research beforehand. Further, he leads the guest to a path by asking triggering questions. 

“By triggering, it’s not to get them upset per se. I wanna know what their passion is, what makes them tick, why they do certain things, I want them to be excited.” – Eric Hunley

Crime and Investigation Podcast Guests

Eric shares some very interesting (and disturbing for some) stories about his guests with a background in military and law enforcement. In particular, his upcoming guest is an ex-FBI agent. He used to handle bombs but then crossed over into the behavioral analysis unit, with a focus on sex crimes.

“He’s gone into a bit about repressed memories and how things can be planted, and things of that sort and cognitive biases and persuasion and influence and things like that, that fits my interests.” – Eric Hunley on his guest at Unstructured

Eric and Christopher shared their common interests with crime and investigation stories. Moreover, they agreed that people have a lurid fascination with monsters—whether fictional or real-life psychopath and serial killers.

“There’s a Southern Californian Daycare, where 300 children were all molested inside tunnels under the schools. Its part of a satanic worship group.” Eric Hunley, as he recounts one of his guest’s stories in his podcast, Unstructured

Dealing with Authors and Entrepreneurs

Eric shares his experiences conversing with authors and entrepreneurs. He admits he has a hard time closing conversations, especially when the guest has a very interesting story.  Christopher shares in response to Eric, that there is a natural arc of conversations, even the sh*tty ones.

“Sh*tty conversations are probably when one or both sides have an agenda. Were not into talking points. I am probably, ironically, a little more interviewing than you are, but still conversational.” -Eric Hunley

Both also exchanged their preparation in dealing with authors and entrepreneurs, which is actually reading their books. 

When you actually read the book, you can get an insight into their personality or the message, that is deeper. A lot of times they get blown away by insightful questions. If I can, I do get that stuff out early. When the guest knows you care or give a shit about then, then it becomes a conversation. -Eric Hunley

To hear more about unstructured conversations and more relevant information from Eric, download and listen to the episode.


“Eric Hunley is forging his path in unstructured interview-style podcasts, as the host of the Unstructured Podcast.

It is no surprise that fellow podcasters follow this formula in podcasting.

The unstructured podcast sources a gambit of unique podcast guests, who are based all around the globe.

Eric Hunley has created well over a hundred interview styled podcasts in less than nine months.

His unrelenting professionalism, detail orientated research, and smooth delivery as a host serves as an inspiration to many.

New podcasters and seasoned professionals often seek out his knowledge and advice when it comes to the business of podcasting.

Eric’s previous experience as an instructor at the University of Arizona has helped cement his reputation as an educator.

His position opened many doors for him and has begun to lead to further speaking opportunities. He often draws on his many years of experience as an athlete, marathon runner, coach, and university lecturer.

Eric Hunley is predominantly self-taught and he understands that his students have the ability to absorb any skill with the right kind of guidance.

As such he is beginning to mentor new podcasters who are looking to get on the fast track so that they can successfully build their podcasting careers.

He has also been developing the systems and frameworks needed to deliver a fully comprehensive interview podcast and fast-tracking the guest research process.

Eric Hunley is the author of three books and is currently working on his fourth book. The book is titled “Interview Podcasting: Find Your Voice and Increase Your Authority.”

You can find a list of shows that feature Eric Hunley’s podcast appearances here.

Eric Hunley is married to Leslie Smail and lives in Hampton, Virginia, USA


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