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201: Dr. Jacob Towery: Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

On today’s episode of Legends and Losers, Christopher talks to Dr. Jacob Towery about raising mentally strong kids and what to do if someone is having a mental health problem and how to handle it if someone in your life might be suicidal. All this including why it’s cool for a doc to rock a mohawk on Dr. Jacob Towery: Child & Adolescent Psychiatry.
Before throwing 100% of your energy into getting your child help, it’s worth pausing and see if you…have any issues… – Dr. Jacob Towery

Three Things We Learned

Communication is Critical

To say to a parent, “If your kid is acting whacky, have you considered it might be you?” is a tough thing to say to a parent in today’s society.  But direct communication is crucial and effective if done correctly. Dr. Towery is incredibly direct to everyone in his life but is also very thoughtful in his approach.  He’s not afraid to address the elephant in the room yet does so deftly and without talking down or being disrespectful.

What the F*ck is Wrong with Men?

Like most men, Christopher and Dr. Towery were shocked and embarrassed when the “Me Too’ movement started. To discover that men had been such assholes throughout time. It’s now men’s responsibility to better through future generations of boys and men. Dr. Towery isn’t an expert in this area but believes that testosterone when unchecked in the absence of role models of how to use strength and power responsibly, can lead to violent episodes. Masculinity is great but not toxic masculinity.

A Good Place to Start

Pediatricians are a great resource if you have questions about your child’s mental well-being. Always start with an assessment. Someone that is reliable, responsible and that is not just desperate for getting the most clients. A great place to start is just to find out what’s going on with a neuropsychological assessment or evaluation and gathering more data before doing anything drastic.
To hear the rest of the conversation, download and listen to the entire episode!


Jacob Towery, MD, is an adolescent and adult psychiatrist in private practice in Palo Alto, California.
He attended Duke University for his undergraduate studies, the University of Virginia for medical school, and Stanford for his residency in adult psychiatry and fellowship in adolescent psychiatry.
Dr. Towery currently serves on the Adjunct Faculty at Stanford University School of Medicine.
Dr. Jacob Towery enjoys seeing patients, teaching, snowboarding, scuba diving, traveling, reading, meditating, spending quality time with other humans, making long lists, Oxford commas, and writing about himself in the third person.
More information can be found at
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