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Follow your Different.™ Podcast Episodes

Find the courage to follow your different through these episodes.

The Difference Between Fact & Stories w/ Dushka Zapata Follow Your Different™ Podcast

053 The Difference Between Fact & Stories w/ Dushka Zapata

Dushka Zapata joins us for another fun and life-affirming conversation. Dushka and Christopher talk about the origins of her soon-to-be-released book, how recounting something differently is valid, and how stories differ from facts. Recounting Things Uniquely Dushka is very aware of her unique thought process that translates into her writing. Oftentimes, her recollection of shared experiences…

Professor Scott Galloway on the Algebra of Happiness Follow Your Different™ Podcast

052 Professor Scott Galloway on the Algebra of Happiness

A powerful, researched-based look at happiness with Professor Scott Galloway from NYU. Professor Galloway is one of the most respected voices on the Internet today. He shares how the happiness curve dips in our 20s and 30s, the many “algorithms to achieving a happy life” and why “follow your passion” is the worst advice ever. The…

Should I Start a Business? Follow Your Different™ Podcast

051 Should I Start a Business?

On today’s special episode, Christopher answers a question from a young woman who wants to know whether she should start a business. He touches on two points: the effect of formal education on entrepreneurial success and the distinction between missionaries and mercenaries. Entrepreneurship is Not for Everybody Christopher received an email from a 20-year-old woman…

Can Sales & Marketing Work Together? with Brian Burns Follow Your Different™ Podcast

050 Can Sales & Marketing Work Together? with Brian Burns

On this episode, a no BS leader in the sales world, legendary author and podcaster Brian Burns. Brian and Christopher had a captivating free-range conversation about sales & marketing and they unearth some powerful ideas for how the two can work together and they tackled the always important topic of – sales and marketing alignment.…

How to Build a Business that Works for your Life Follow Your Different™ Podcast

049 How to Build a Business that Works for your Life with Ever Gonzalez

On this episode, we have a podcaster who is loved by entrepreneurs Ever Gonzalez. Ever and Christopher had a fun and informative conversation about designing business that serves your life, not the other way around, and what he’s learned in talking to over 400 success entrepreneurs on his popular podcast. “I would much rather take…

How to Make Any Career Creative Follow Your Different™ Podcast

048 How to Make Any Career Creative with Tania Katan

“Every rockstar business needs a punk.” – Tania Katan On this episode, the incredible Tania Katan has a riveting conversation with Christopher about how to put the spark of joy back into work and life, how she overcame breast cancer and how it shaped her life. Tania is a powerful example of someone who “used…

B2B Enterprise Tech On Fire with Christopher Lochhead Follow Your Different™ Podcast

047 B2B Enterprise Tech On Fire with Christopher Lochhead

On this episode, Lochhead shares some of the amazing things going on in the enterprise tech industry. Enterprise Tech on the Rise Back in 2012, the legendary venture capitalist Jim Goetz of Sequoia made a declaration that tech entrepreneurs were too focused on the consumer world and have ignored the $500-billion market opportunity, which is the enterprise space. Soon after, the…

How to Crash Your Career with Isaac Morehouse Follow Your Different™ Podcast

046 How to Crash Your Career with Isaac Morehouse

It’s time to get some deeper insights from our guest, we have Isaac Morehouse. In this episode, Isaac and Christopher had a wonderful conversation on how to start or restart your career. They also talked about how to discover the right role for yourself, how to build the right skills to fulfill those roles and…

Bedtime Stories for Managers with Dr. Henry Mintzberg Follow Your Different™ Podcast

045 Bedtime Stories for Managers with Dr. Henry Mintzberg

In today’s episode, the awesome Dr. Henry Mintzberg sits with us. He unpacks some powerful, provocative and counterintuitive approaches to managing and decision making. He also tells us why he thinks we need less of what he calls, Lofty Leadership. Bedtime Stories for Managers Manager is not a word we hear that often. One of…

Legendary Sales Culture with Dan Casetta Follow Your Different™ Podcast

044 Legendary Sales Culture with Dan Casetta

On this episode, we get to hang out with the incredible Dan Casetta. Christopher had a fascinating conversation with Dan about how to build a legendary culture, powerful ideas in recruiting and training, how to lead a young sales teen, how to change limes while saving dimes and a ton more! Sales Organization Dan ran…


“This is a great podcast for those who want to be on a constant learning adventure”
- iTunes Reviewer

“The only podcast I listen to. I don’t have time to listen to podcasts, but I make the time to listen to this one”
- iTunes Reviewer

“So, so good!!! By far my favorite podcast – really enjoy the straightforward, no BS conversations”
- iTunes Reviewer

“#1 Podcast for a reason”
- iTunes Reviewer

“This is not your average self help podcast”
- iTunes Reviewer

“Quite frankly, unlike any other podcast”
- iTunes Reviewer

"Real conversations with no bullshit - the guests get driven away from their standard form responses, and irreverence is valued"
- Podcast Listener

"I listen during my commute. I feel like I learn something new every conversation and I feel energized and empowered to tackle the small and big challenges. "
- Podcast Listener

"There is an authenticity to Christopher's approach that I respect, in addition to the breadth of the subject matter. Also a huge fan of his 2 books. "
- Podcast Listener

"The people that “get it” today are doing things in an authentic manner. They realize that no one wants the over produced glitzy BS and instead they just want to learn. I listen to this podcast because it cuts through the noise and provides incredible insight on how to build a legendary company / career - and it’s coming from folks that have done it, not just talked about it. "
- Podcast Listener

"Good people, good conversations, fun and insightful"
- Podcast Listener

"I love Christopher and TOTALLY relate to how his heart and brain work - just like mine! - and I feel a greater invitation to be more ME - as I am-take it or leave it. Every single guest arrives authentic and beyond inspiring and OMG I LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH! I keep buying all their books! Love you Christopher and love that you share your REAL YOU with all of us and invite us all to do the same!"
- Podcast Listener

"I like being exposed to people and thoughts that I wouldn’t normally get to listen and learn from in the general day to day of life and business”
- Podcast Listener

"It is like being a fly on the wall in a high level conversation and there are great insights from people with proven legendary results "
- Podcast Listener

“Christopher Lochhead is the Joe Rogan of Business”

- Jon Bergoff, CEO, Flourishing Leadership Institute

"Off-putting to some"
- The Economist

"Christopher Lochhead is a human exclamation point"
- Fast Company Magazine

"Christopher Lochhead is one of the best minds in marketing"
- The Marketing Journal

“Christopher Lochhead is an exploding star – a quasar across the sky."
- Bill Walton, NBA Hall of Fame Legend

"That was— and I bullshit you not— the most fun interview I have ever had”

- Abby Ellin, Bestselling Author of “Duped” & New York Times Contributor

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