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152 The Three Stages of a Legendary Career: What Star Wars Can Teach Us

Monday 10th June 2024
LOM_Episodes-152 Legendary Career levels and Star Wars

On this episode of Lochhead on Marketing, let’s talk about the three stages of a legendary career. Let’s also talk about the lessons we can learn about it from a source you wouldn’t think about at first, Star Wars. Yes, that Star Wars.

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Three Stages of Legendary Career: Star Wars Style

So how do we discuss legendary careers using Star Wars?

Well, if you look at it on a higher level, the three stages of having a legendary career follow a Jedi’s progression. There’s being a Luke / Lucy Skywalker stage, where you are just starting out. If you’re lucky and successful, there’s the Obi-Wan stage.

And if you are even more successful, and legendary at that, there’s the Yoda stage.

Jedi Breakdown

Let us explain even further.

When you’re first coming up, and if you are somebody who is gravitating towards the exponential different as opposed to the incremental better, or want to create, design, and dominate new future market categories, as opposed to just somebody who wants to kind of maintain the status quo, you get identified pretty quickly as being high potential. Much like Luke was as a padawan.

If this person is lucky and successful, and becomes a mentor or teacher for other upcoming high potential individuals, they enter their Obi-Wan stage. And if you end up being a legend in your chosen career, much like Yoda, you will have the authority and success that befits the position.

The True Reward

When I myself was a Luke, I thought that the rewards for being a person with high potential who excels and produces great results was that you get the recognition and fame, as well as the riches that come along with it.

But as you progress through the different levels of your career, you realize that while those rewards are worth pursuing, it is not the biggest reward out there.

The real reward is you get to a place in your 40s or 50s, where the world acknowledges you, as a champion, as a legendary Luke / Lucy Skywalker, and you graduate. Now, the world grants you the Obi-Wan status.

To hear more about the different legendary career and Star Wars, download and listen to this episode.


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