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151 How To Drive Short Term Revenue Now

Wednesday 10th April 2024
LOM_Episodes-151_02 how to drive short term revenue now

On this episode of Lochhead on Marketing, let’s talk about how to use category design thinking to drive short term revenue.

We talked a lot about what to do in a recession on our last episode, and on this episode, we’re going deep on a very specific topic, about how to make the cash register sing immediately.

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Short Term Category Design

One of the things that we hear about category design is category design is too expensive. Only big companies can design categories, or it takes too long it takes six to 10 years to build a category, we need revenue now. But the truth is that category design can drive revenue for you in the next immediate term days or weeks if you take a category science approach.

As we talked about on the last episode, most companies in a downturn compete harder and harder for demand existing demand that is falling. And it’s like fighting for the falling demand knife and cutting yourself into shreds.

Category design is distinct from Legacy approaches to marketing is actually the cheapest, fastest way to make the cash register sing.

Things to Consider

What I’m about to share with you is work that call Eddie and I are currently in the process of helping a legendary b2c tech company who is scaling at over 100% a year. In spite of that, they wanted to get really focused, particularly with the economy doing what it’s doing on how to continue their triple digit plus growth.

First, it starts with an understanding of super consumers. The general idea is that a very small number of consumers, customers, clients, readers, you know, consumers of any kind customers of any kind, typically 10% or less are the ones that are on the bleeding edge of what makes a category go. They’re super influential. They’re super committed to the category and typically to the brand leader in that category. They also tend to drive a lot of innovation; they also tend to be the ones that evangelize the loudest. So the first step is knowing your super consumers, and observing them.

This leads to the second point, which is a genius insight from Eddie, is that a super of one is a super of nine. That is to say, people who are passionate about something, tend to be passionate about several things. So what are the adjacencies that the Supers might also love? There’s a whole bunch of categories that they might be interested in.

To learn more about how to drive short term revenue through category design, download and listen to this episode.


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