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Time-out for Democracy

Wednesday 22nd May 2024
Time out for democracy

This is Christopher. I wanted to let you know that we are going to take the pause that refreshes here as America votes. The entire attention of the United States is on the election as it should be. Much of the attention of Americans and the entire world is focused on this election.

We thought the wise thing to do would be to take some time off and come back after the election. The good news is if you love either of our podcasts, we have a tremendous back catalog. Unless you’ve listened to every Follow Your Different™ and every Lochhead on Marketing™ episode, there’s probably some gems in there you could really benefit from.

If you want a break from all of the political news over the next handful of days, there are some amazing conversations, legendary even that you might enjoy.

I want to ask you to vote

If you’re an American, I believe voting is a civic duty. I think it’s important to remember that. Democracy can’t happen without participation from its citizens. I think it’s important to remember that people have died for the right to vote. I think it’s important to remember that there are many human beings on planet earth who do not get that right, who do not live in a democracy where their voice matters.

I’m no political expert, but if you look at the polls and consume information, news and data, it looks like there’s a very good chance this could be a very close election.

I think the worst outcome we could have would be a rerun of 2000 Bush versus Gore or anything along those lines. I think what we absolutely need in the United States of America is a clear winner at the presidential level and a clear direction for Congress.

We need leaders, federally, who have a clear mandate to govern. I think a big part of the problem that we’ve had is things have been so close lately that many of us our confused by the messages.

We have a very divided country.

So please vote, make a plan to vote.


We’ll be back with new episodes of both Lochhead on Marketing™ and Follow Your Different™ shortly after the election here in the United States, bless you.

Please take care, stay legendary. And until we’re together again, follow your different.