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Jaime Jay Trading Legendary Stories Legends and Losers

Legends and Losers has always aspired to capture lightning in a bottle and be a podcast unlike any other while adding value to people’s lives. But this show is as silly as it is plentiful of knowledge. On this 200th episode, Christopher Lochhead and Jaime Jay trade stories both ridiculous and legendary. “Get out and…

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Niche Down on Legends and Losers

In today’s special episode, two guests join Christopher Lochhead to talk about the most-awaited book that will help you become legendary by being different, Niche Down. Heather Clancy, co-author of the book and Jaime Jay, co-producer of Legends&Losers podcast sit down to discuss the stories and inspirations behind Niche Down, which launches today. “Follow your soul. I’ve…

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Legends and Losers Jaime Jay

Jaime Jay is a friend and marketing genius! During a conversation recently, Jaime dove into what it means to be fanable. “Fanable is to have an allure or a personality that attracts a fanbase.”  – Jaime Jay Jaime Jay is a self-confessed serial entrepreneur. He currently runs a virtual assistant company,, is co-owner of a podcast…

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