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070 Alternative Investing w/ Eric Satz

Monday 24th June 2024
Alternative Investing w/ Eric Satz

Eric Satz, CEO of Alto IRA and retirement planning advocate, joins us in today’s episode. He is on a mission to enable everyone to invest their retirement money in alternative investments⁠. He actively campaigns for drastic information dissemination among retirees to save them from potential poverty in the future.

Diversifying Investments

Regular listeners might remember the teachings of prior guests like David Osborne or Pat Hiban or Dorie Clark. These smart people recommend a diverse investment strategy that creates multiple income streams over time. Such a strategy will help investors achieve the amazing goal of having investments pay for all expenses.

Eric Satz also promulgates diversifying investments, especially for retirees. He acknowledges the importance of various platforms today, where resources can be easily uploaded and disseminated. Eric and his team from Alto IRA provide information on alternative investments such as private startups, growth companies, real estate, loans, and digital assets and currencies.

“The idea is to open up areas of investment that have the potential to generate higher returns, higher yield and greater levels of current income⁠—so that we are all in a better position to retire.” – Eric Satz

Alarming Truths About Retirement

Eric started his mission with straightforward and entrepreneurial motivation. There is a huge market opportunity of 30 trillion US dollars, sitting in retirement savings. However, only 1% of this amount is invested in alternative assets, instead of around 10 or 20%.

“Investing is proactive, saving is passive. If we don’t change the way we invest, 25 million Americans—elderly Americans—basically will be living in poverty.” – Eric Satz

Eric wanted to fight the conventional wisdom of financial advisors. He considers America to be under a retirement crisis up until 2050. He promotes diversification in investing in businesses commonly considered by upper-middle-class and the elites, like real estate.

Save and Invest

Further, into this episode, Lochhead mentions the importance of having investments while saving on the side.

He further says that retirees should take the opportunity to invest aggressively because of the changing of public-market-private-market dynamics. With a projected 46% increase in capital gains annually, an avid saver can plot his or her retirement early.

To hear more about alternative investing and more relevant information from Eric, download and listen to the episode.


Eric Satz, Founder/CEO Alto IRA

An entrepreneur and former investment banker, Eric worked for DLJ/Credit Suisse First Boston before co-founding Currenex, Plumgood Food, and Tennessee Community Ventures, a VC firm.

Eric served on the Board of the TVA from 2015-January 2019, and he teaches an entrepreneurship class to high school students.

A Miami native and diehard ‘Canes and Dolphins fan, Eric went to Amherst College.

After years in NYC and then San Francisco, he and his wife moved to Nashville, her hometown, to raise their kids.

When he’s not breathing life into startup companies, Eric loves to ski, play soccer, and practice yoga.



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