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Follow your Different.™ Podcast Episodes

Find the courage to follow your different through these episodes.

FYD - Episode 226 Neeraj Arora and Michael Donohue HalloApp

226 Real Digital Relationships | HalloApp Launch with Founders Neeraj Arora & Michael Donohue

Welcome to this very special episode of Follow Your Different. We’ll talk about one of the most anticipated startups in Silicon Valley today, HalloApp. We sit down with HalloApp founders Neeraj Arora and Michael Donohue in the first and probably only – for some time – podcast. Michael and Neeraj were two of the senior…

FYD - Episode 225 Ray Wang 2

225 Everybody Wants To Rule The World with #1 Tech Analyst Ray Wang, Chairman of Constellation Research

In this episode of Follow Your Different, Ray Wang is back to talk about how to survive and thrive in a world of Digital Giants. Ray Wang is the world’s number one Tech Analyst, and the founds of Constellation Research. He has a brand-new book called Everybody Wants to Rule the World: Surviving and Thriving…

FYD - Episode 224 Sandra Sucher

224 The Power of Trust with Harvard Business School Professor Sandra Sucher

Trust is a cornerstone of society. It’s the seminal component that’s required for everything to work, including everything in business. Professor Sandra Sucher says that trust at every level of business and society has never mattered as much as it does right now. In this episode of Follow Your Different, Professor Sandra Sucher talks about…

FYD - Episode 223 Dr Michael Wade

223 How To Produce Breakthroughs With “Alien Thinking” with Dr. Michael Wade

We are living at a time where the world needs breakthroughs more than ever. People who want to develop the ability to create a different future have never been more in demand. Though in order to do this, we need models and framework, as well as ideas and inspiration to help create those breakthroughs in…

FYD - Episode 222 Pastor Quentin Mumphery

222 America’s Time of Great Questioning with Pastor Quentin M. Mumphery

We are living in a time of historical, cultural, and racial consequence in the United States. People are asking very big questions about fundamental design points around their life. How do they want to work, live and play? Many thoughtful Americans are also asking themselves about our country’s design, and the kind of future they…

FYD - Episode 221 Captain Paul Watson

221 How To Be A Mission-Driven Pirate with Co-Founder of Greenpeace & Founder of Sea Shepherd Captain Paul Watson

According to NOAA, the US National Ocean Service scientists estimate that 50 to 80% of the oxygen production on earth comes from the ocean. Furthermore, the ocean absorbs 50% more carbon dioxide than the atmosphere does. Scientists also estimate that about 1 million species of animals live in our oceans. So to say that the…

FYD 220 - John Rossman

220 Think Like Amazon with John Rossman

In 2020, became an essential service in America. The company is now worth $1.6 trillion, and has become one of the greatest B2B companies in history, the Category King of E-commerce. Amazon Web Services is also the fastest growing B2B tech company ever. It’s shocking that one company is dominating on both the consumer…

FYD - Episode 219_Scott O'Neil

219 Be Where Your Feet Are: Scott O’Neil, CEO of Philadelphia 76ers & New Jersey Devils

In this episode of Follow Your Different, we continue our run of legendary authors with today’s guest, Scott O’ Neil. He is the author of a hot new book called Be Where Your Feet Are: Seven Principles to Keep You Present, Grounded, and Thriving. Scott O’Neil is the CEO of Harris Blitzer Sports and Entertainment. Which…

FYD - Episode 218 Panos Panay and Michael Hendrix

218 Legendary Musicians’ Insights on Innovation with Panos Panay and Michael Hendrix, Authors of “Two Beats Ahead”

Creativity, innovation, and collaboration. These are words that get thrown around a lot in business. Yet too many business environments and company culture cultivate the exact opposite. In this episode of Follow Your Different, we discuss what business leaders, entrepreneurs, and creators of all times can learn from some of the greatest musicians in the…

FYD - Episode 217 Jim Campbell

217 Madoff Talks: Uncovering the Untold Story Behind the Most Notorious Ponzi Scheme in History with Author Jim Campbell

There’s scams, crimes, and frauds. Then there’s what Bernie Madoff did. CNBC says that he committed the nation’s biggest investment fraud. The Wall Street Journal called it “the biggest ponzi scheme in history.” At sentencing, Judge Denny Chin called Madoff’s crimes “extraordinarily evil”. In the end, many people lost everything they had. For those who…


“This is a great podcast for those who want to be on a constant learning adventure”
- iTunes Reviewer

“The only podcast I listen to. I don’t have time to listen to podcasts, but I make the time to listen to this one”
- iTunes Reviewer

“So, so good!!! By far my favorite podcast – really enjoy the straightforward, no BS conversations”
- iTunes Reviewer

“#1 Podcast for a reason”
- iTunes Reviewer

“This is not your average self help podcast”
- iTunes Reviewer

“Quite frankly, unlike any other podcast”
- iTunes Reviewer

"Real conversations with no bullshit - the guests get driven away from their standard form responses, and irreverence is valued"
- Podcast Listener

"I listen during my commute. I feel like I learn something new every conversation and I feel energized and empowered to tackle the small and big challenges. "
- Podcast Listener

"There is an authenticity to Christopher's approach that I respect, in addition to the breadth of the subject matter. Also a huge fan of his 2 books. "
- Podcast Listener

"The people that “get it” today are doing things in an authentic manner. They realize that no one wants the over produced glitzy BS and instead they just want to learn. I listen to this podcast because it cuts through the noise and provides incredible insight on how to build a legendary company / career - and it’s coming from folks that have done it, not just talked about it. "
- Podcast Listener

"Good people, good conversations, fun and insightful"
- Podcast Listener

"I love Christopher and TOTALLY relate to how his heart and brain work - just like mine! - and I feel a greater invitation to be more ME - as I am-take it or leave it. Every single guest arrives authentic and beyond inspiring and OMG I LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH! I keep buying all their books! Love you Christopher and love that you share your REAL YOU with all of us and invite us all to do the same!"
- Podcast Listener

"I like being exposed to people and thoughts that I wouldn’t normally get to listen and learn from in the general day to day of life and business”
- Podcast Listener

"It is like being a fly on the wall in a high level conversation and there are great insights from people with proven legendary results "
- Podcast Listener

“Christopher Lochhead is the Joe Rogan of Business”

- Jon Bergoff, CEO, Flourishing Leadership Institute

"Off-putting to some"
- The Economist

"Christopher Lochhead is a human exclamation point"
- Fast Company Magazine

"Christopher Lochhead is one of the best minds in marketing"
- The Marketing Journal

“Christopher Lochhead is an exploding star – a quasar across the sky."
- Bill Walton, NBA Hall of Fame Legend

"That was— and I bullshit you not— the most fun interview I have ever had”

- Abby Ellin, Bestselling Author of “Duped” & New York Times Contributor

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