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Follow your Different.™ Podcast Episodes

Find the courage to follow your different through these episodes.

FYD - Episode - 236 Noorullah Akbari

236 “My Family Is Trapped In Afghanistan” An Entrepreneur’s Story with Noorullah Akbari, Founder of Rosalyn AI

Imagine the life you love, the freedoms you enjoy, and the opportunities you have. All the safety and security you take for granted, vaporized in a matter of days. Imagine that many in your family, friends, and loved ones are now hostages. Noorullah Akbari doesn’t have to imagine any of that. In this episode of…

FYD - Episode 235 Moby

235 Moby’s Different Life, Extreme Ways, and New Little Pine Cookbook

If you’re a long-time listener, you know that we do not have many celebrities as guests on Follow Your Different. We take a pass on most of them because frankly, they’re not that interesting. However, Moby is not your typical celebrity or Hollywood type. Moby is a breakout musician, DJ, and songwriter. He’s sold over…

FYD - Episode 234 Avram Miller

234 How Misfits Succeed with Tech Legend, Co-Founder of Intel Capital Avram Miller, Author of “Flight of The Wild Duck”

A few companies have had the impact in the technology industry that Intel has had. Without Intel, the personal computer might never have happened the way that it did. In this episode of Follow Your Different, we go inside Intel, and inside the life of one of the tech industry’s true living legends, Avram Miller.…

FYD - Episode 233 Linda Gibbs and Muzzy Rosenblatt

233 How Ten Global Cities Take On Homelessness with Linda Gibbs & Muzzy Rosenblatt

Homelessness is a daunting, heartbreaking, and complex problem. There are currently about half a million Americans experiencing homelessness to this day. So in this episode of Follow Your Different, let’s dig into what we can do to make a difference with our guests Linda Gibbs and Muzzy Rosenblatt, two of the authors of a powerful…

FYD - Episode 232 Martin Cooper

232 How To Create The Future with Martin “Marty” Cooper, Father of the Cell Phone

In this incredibly special episode of Follow Your Different, we have a person that is like no other that has ever been on this podcast. We know the names of many of the legendary innovators and category creators of the modern era: people like Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and many others…

FYD - Episode 231 Sergey Young

231 The Science and Technology of Growing Young with Sergey Young

In this episode of Follow Your Different, we’ll have a dialogue that just might change how you think about aging, and maybe even life itself. Who better to have this dialogue than with Sergey Young, author of the book called The Science and Technology of Growing Young. Sergey believes that entrepreneurs and startups are already…

FYD - Episode 230 Avi Loeb

230 Aliens, UFOs, And UAPs with Harvard’s Top Astronomer Dr. Avi Loeb, Author of Extraterrestrial

In this episode of Follow Your Different, Dr. Avi Loeb makes a return to give us an update about his work after he released his book, Extraterrestrial. If you are not familiar with Dr. Avi Loeb and his work, you can check out our previous conversation with him (FYD episode 202). Dr. Avi Loeb is…

FYD - Episode 229 Melanie Gideon

229 How To Live A Creative Life with NYT Bestselling Fiction Author of “Did I Say You Could Go” & “Wife 22” Melanie Gideon

Many of us would like to be more creative. Some would even aspire to make a living with their creativity. Yet without legendary role models like Melanie Gideon, it’s hard to learn what it really takes. Melanie Gideon is willing to get real with us and go deep about her experience in making it happen.…

FYD - Episode 228 Sabrina Horn

228 Make It, Don’t Fake It with #1 Amazon Author Sabrina Horn

We live at a time when there’s plenty of dumb and unquestioned business and live advice floating around the internet. Most of it comes from an avalanche of problematic stupidities from hustle porn stars. There’s also “Follow your passion”, which doesn’t always work out. Of course, there’s the tried and true, “Fake it until you…

FYD - Episode 227 - Garry Kasparov & Steve Pratt

227 A.I. And The Future with Greatest Chess Player Ever Garry Kasparov and Noodle.AI CEO Steve Pratt

In many circles, Chess is viewed as the ultimate display of intellectual might. If you think about it, chess is a fighting game that is purely intellectual and excludes all chance. In this episode of Follow Your Different, we talk to one of Chess’ ultimate combatants, Garry Kasparov. At age 22, Garry Kasparov became the…


“This is a great podcast for those who want to be on a constant learning adventure”
- iTunes Reviewer

“The only podcast I listen to. I don’t have time to listen to podcasts, but I make the time to listen to this one”
- iTunes Reviewer

“So, so good!!! By far my favorite podcast – really enjoy the straightforward, no BS conversations”
- iTunes Reviewer

“#1 Podcast for a reason”
- iTunes Reviewer

“This is not your average self help podcast”
- iTunes Reviewer

“Quite frankly, unlike any other podcast”
- iTunes Reviewer

"Real conversations with no bullshit - the guests get driven away from their standard form responses, and irreverence is valued"
- Podcast Listener

"I listen during my commute. I feel like I learn something new every conversation and I feel energized and empowered to tackle the small and big challenges. "
- Podcast Listener

"There is an authenticity to Christopher's approach that I respect, in addition to the breadth of the subject matter. Also a huge fan of his 2 books. "
- Podcast Listener

"The people that “get it” today are doing things in an authentic manner. They realize that no one wants the over produced glitzy BS and instead they just want to learn. I listen to this podcast because it cuts through the noise and provides incredible insight on how to build a legendary company / career - and it’s coming from folks that have done it, not just talked about it. "
- Podcast Listener

"Good people, good conversations, fun and insightful"
- Podcast Listener

"I love Christopher and TOTALLY relate to how his heart and brain work - just like mine! - and I feel a greater invitation to be more ME - as I am-take it or leave it. Every single guest arrives authentic and beyond inspiring and OMG I LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH! I keep buying all their books! Love you Christopher and love that you share your REAL YOU with all of us and invite us all to do the same!"
- Podcast Listener

"I like being exposed to people and thoughts that I wouldn’t normally get to listen and learn from in the general day to day of life and business”
- Podcast Listener

"It is like being a fly on the wall in a high level conversation and there are great insights from people with proven legendary results "
- Podcast Listener

“Christopher Lochhead is the Joe Rogan of Business”

- Jon Bergoff, CEO, Flourishing Leadership Institute

"Off-putting to some"
- The Economist

"Christopher Lochhead is a human exclamation point"
- Fast Company Magazine

"Christopher Lochhead is one of the best minds in marketing"
- The Marketing Journal

“Christopher Lochhead is an exploding star – a quasar across the sky."
- Bill Walton, NBA Hall of Fame Legend

"That was— and I bullshit you not— the most fun interview I have ever had”

- Abby Ellin, Bestselling Author of “Duped” & New York Times Contributor

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