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325 Finding Meaningful Work in a Post-Career World with Bruce Feiler, 7-time NYT Bestselling Author

Monday 10th June 2024
FYD EPISODE 325 Bruce Feiler

The people who are happiest don’t chase someone else’s dreams; they chase their own. This is according to our guest, one of our favorite authors, thinkers, and people, Bruce Feiler. So we have a whole dialog on just that.

Bruce Feiler is the author of the landmark book, Life is in the Transitions. And now he’s back to address one of the seminal questions of our time: “How do we find or create meaningful work,” a subject he’s lived over and over again. His new book is out and it’s called The Search, finding meaningful work in a post career world.

Bruce is one of America’s most thoughtful voices on contemporary life. He’s a seven-time New York Times bestselling author, he’s lived many lives from circus clown to preeminent spirituality, author to winning three James Beard Awards and being the subject of a Jeopardy question. Bruce is an American treasure, who you’re going to love hanging out with.

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Bruce Feiler and his book’s effect

One of Bruce’s books is titled “Life is in the Transitions,” which explores the idea that nearly half of our lives are spent in various transitions. The book delves into personal experiences, including Bruce’s own life upheavals, such as battling cancer, facing financial troubles, and dealing with family crises. He explains how society tends to undervalue and stigmatize these transitional periods while glorifying stability.

Bruce’s mission is to normalize and understand the growth potential in these unsettled phases, encouraging people to embrace them as opportunities for renewal and transformation. The book has resonated with readers who recognize and appreciate the validation it provides for the complex emotions and experiences they encounter during life’s transitions.

Bruce Feiler on the notable lack of life transition books at 40

When asked why he thinks there’s not a lot of books like his on the shelves, Bruce shares that it was mainly because society has traditionally undervalued and stigmatized these periods. The focus has been on achieving stability and success, neglecting the importance of understanding and embracing life’s transitions.

However, Bruce says that recent societal changes, including the decline of organized religion and shifts in the workforce, have led to a growing interest in searching for meaning in life and work. People are no longer content with viewing work as a mere source of income but are seeking work with purpose and significance.

This shift in perspective has sparked a renewed interest in exploring life transitions and finding meaning in these transformative phases, especially for professionals who are still pursuing their careers in their 40s and beyond.

The power of work vs fame

The conversation then shifts to the power of work over fame, and the importance of focusing on the craft rather than seeking balance. Bruce praises the Christopher’s diverse and successful career and emphasizes that legendary individuals are not known for balance.

For Christopher, he finds Bruce’s commitment to the work quite amazing, and despite achieving fame and success, he remains grounded and humble. Bruce attributes his continued passion and joy to finding a path that aligns with his talents. They agree that the best work comes from dedicated effort and stepping away from distractions to focus on the creative process.

To hear more from Bruce Feiler and how to make the most out of yourself during your transitions, download and listen to this episode.


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