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What’s the right competitive marketing strategy for 2021?

Wednesday 22nd May 2024

“What’s the right competitive marketing strategy for 2021? The entrepreneur asked.

Please. Don’t do “competitive marketing”. I responded.

“Huh?” she responded.

Please. Do not. Compete. I begged. You see……

Legends don’t want to fight over old things.  They want to create new things.

Legends like Kara Goldin, founder/CEO of Hint Water do not compete in existing market categories. They design their own.  She’s carved out such a powerful niche for Hint, that Kara routinely kicks Coke’s ass.

The days of traditional “competitive marketing” are over. Having a winning company isn’t about beating rivals in an old game anymore. It’s not about competing. Or comparing. It’s not about fighting for existing demand. Or playing the “we’re better/faster/cheaper/ than them” game.

Instead, today’s most legendary entrepreneurs, CEOs, leaders, and marketers are category designers.

They are radically different.

They design their own game by establishing entirely new market categories, developing them, and executing to position themselves as the leader.  And, based on our primary research, category queens/kings earn 76% of the total value created in their market.

In the past year, the legends of this craft have been able to show the world why their breakthrough innovations matter. They have strategically grown their markets by educating customers to abandon old ideas and products and embrace a new way of doing things.

And category queens reap exponential rewards. We’re about to release some more primary research that shows for every $1.00 of revenue growth earned by a category designer they earn $4.82 of market cap growth. That’s nearly 3x higher, than other high growth firms who are doing “competitive marketing”.

So please.

In 2021.

Don’t compete in an existing category.

Design your own.


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