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7 Recession Marketing Ideas

Thursday 23rd May 2024
Recession Marketing Ideas

Christopher Lochhead discusses, in his newly launched podcast, Lochhead on Marketing talks about some of his ideas timely for a potential recession.

With this threat coming, Christopher points out the importance of developing and acting on ideas that would make your companies survive this disastrous event. He hopes that through these suggestions, your company will come out even come out stronger from a potential recession.

Without further adieu, here are Christopher’s 7 Recession Marketing Ideas

  1. Never Let A Good Recession Go To Waste!
  2. Assume you can’t raise any more money
  3. Measure twice, cut once
  4. Brainstorm short-term ways to increase revenue
  5. Market & Sell Into The Whitespace
  6. Consider a competitor trade-in
  7. Double Down on Your Category

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Lochhead on Marketing

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