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Every week Lochhead on Marketing ™ examines the mindset & strategies required to win.

Category Design Scorecard

101 Category Design Scorecard

This episode talks about the Category Design Scorecard and how you can use it to spot a Category Designer. It also breaks down how you can evaluate a company’s ability to create a new category or redesign an existing one. Christopher and his Category co-pirates, Eddie Yoon and Nicholas Cole, just unveiled this new Category…


100 How To Write A Legendary Brand Story w/ Park Howell

Stories are incredibly powerful. It is legendary. People fall in love based on the stories they tell themselves about each other. People go to war and start countries over stories. Furthermore, when stories are used to design a category and a brand, it creates massive enduring value. In this episode of Lochhead on Marketing, we…

099 Why CMOs Get Fired: Results do not equal no results plus an excuse

099 Why CMOs Get Fired: Results Do Not Equal No Results Plus An Excuse

On this episode, let’s talk about producing legendary results in the context of CMO tenure. According to the Wall Street Journal, based on research from Spencer Stewart, the median tenure of a CMO was only 27 and a half months in 2019, which was down from 31 months in 2017. This is in stark contrast…

098 Social Media Marketing Lie: You Have Be Everywhere on Every platform 100 Times a Day

098 Social Media Marketing Lie: You Have Be Everywhere on Every Platform 100 Times a Day

In this episode, let’s talk about one of the dumbest social media marketing lies out there: you have to be everywhere on every platform and you need to put out a hundred pieces of content today. This is terrible advice and it will exhaust you and your marketing team and will piss off your prospects…

097 You Are What You Subscribe To

097 You Are What You Subscribe To

Today, let’s talk a little more about your career. My brother from another mother and  co-creator of our new newsletter category pirates, Nicholas Cole has an interesting insight: “you are what you subscribe to.” Christopher thinks he’s right. So in this episode, find out what media Christopher consumes that he finds life-changing. “The content we…


096 Silicon Valley’s Secret Marketing Assassin Rick Bennett

Advertising is a powerful thing in the world of business. Whether you have a start-up or a successful company, you still need an effective advertisement to propel your brand forward. Silicon Valley’s secret advertising weapon, Rick Bennett, is here with us today to give pieces of advice about advertising and marketing. Also, he talks about…

095 LOM - Financial Security

095 How To Secure Your Financial Future

In 2019, CNBC reported that 27% of Americans “would have to borrow or sell something to pay for a $400 emergency. Further, reports in 2018, 4% of American adults reported not having enough food and by July of 2020, that figure had exploded to 11% and they say it will probably continue to increase…

094 Clubhouse–Category Creation In action, or Not So Much?

094 Clubhouse – Category Creation In Action, or Not So Much?

Many people reached out to Christopher and asked for more episodes on category design. In future episodes, he will dig into a specific category and/or brands, and analyze what’s going on and how that can be illustrative for the rest of us. So for this episode, Christopher talks about a buzzy application in the social…

093 Are You Making This Sales Training Mistake?

093 Are You Making This Sales Training Mistake?

In this episode, let’s talk about sales training slash sales enablement. Companies make a very big mistake on sales training. Christopher shares his thoughts about that mistake and how not to do that. Bio: Christopher Lochhead is a #1 Apple podcaster and #1 Amazon bestselling co-author of books: Niche Down and Play Bigger. He has…

092 How To Manage Digital Reputations W/ Josh Greene

092 How To Manage Digital Reputations w/ Josh Greene

It is super important to know how social media and the online-world itself work, especially if you’re a business owner or an entrepreneur. This holds true because we are living in a digital-first world, where you can search for anything on the internet. Managing your digital reputation is indeed challenging and sometimes complicated. So today…


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"There is an authenticity to Christopher's approach that I respect, in addition to the breadth of the subject matter. Also a huge fan of his 2 books. "
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"The people that “get it” today are doing things in an authentic manner. They realize that no one wants the over produced glitzy BS and instead they just want to learn. I listen to this podcast because it cuts through the noise and provides incredible insight on how to build a legendary company / career - and it’s coming from folks that have done it, not just talked about it. "
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"Good people, good conversations, fun and insightful"
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"I love Christopher and TOTALLY relate to how his heart and brain work - just like mine! - and I feel a greater invitation to be more ME - as I am-take it or leave it. Every single guest arrives authentic and beyond inspiring and OMG I LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH! I keep buying all their books! Love you Christopher and love that you share your REAL YOU with all of us and invite us all to do the same!"
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- Bill Walton, NBA Hall of Fame Legend

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