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Lochhead on Marketing Special Offer

This is Christopher and I sure hope you are enjoying some of the first episodes of Lochhead on Marketing. I want to tell you about a special offer we’re making and why.

Radical Generosity

I am not a fan of self-promotion (which may sound crazy, coming from a three-time marketing guy), so I have thought about how I’m going to market and promote the podcast.

On one hand, I wanted to do some marketing that would feel comfortable without the overly self-promotional crap. This brings us to my buddy and co-conspirator on category creation and design and legendary marketing, Eddie Yoon

He has this powerful idea: that legendary category designers practice “radical generosity.” 

If you think about the word ‘creation’, in a lot of ways, you could argue creation is about bringing something to the world and Eddie says if you wanted to create a design category — having a radical generosity mindset matters.

We’re Gonna Spend A Bunch Of Money

Legendary category designers and creators come from a place of generosity. So, to promote this podcast, I am going to spend a bunch of money.  Rather than buying a ton of ads, I thought I might include you. I’m doing it in a way that is radically generous.

Here’s the offer: I’d love it if you will rate and review Lochhead on Marketing, take a screenshot of that review, email it to bl*******@lo******.com. For the next 7 days, I am going to make a $20 donation to four of my chosen charities. 

We will publish on our website with full transparency, how much money we raise and how much money we gave away as a result of you participating in helping us market the new marketing podcast.

The Beneficiaries

What I’m asking you to do is rate and review the podcast, share it on social media and email us at bl*******@lo******.com.

Once you do that, we will drop $20 in one of the following charities:

1. As we all know, I love animals. American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) is one of my chosen beneficiaries.

2. Frontrow Foundation is a charity that works with people, often kids, who are facing life-threatening conditions to give them one legendary experience.

3. If you’re a regular listener, I’m sure you know how much I love Founded by my buddy, Tim Rhode, this nonprofit has tried to put together programs and content around life planning and design, financial planning and design, and entrepreneurship. They try to do this as close to free as possible.

4. The fourth one is a non-profit called DonorsChoose. This is an extraordinary organization that allows school teachers around the country, to tell people what they need and people can go ahead and fund those things for their students and their classrooms.  

So thank you so much!