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Fight the recession with some thoughtful aggression.

Extraordinary times call for legendary marketing.

Legendary marketing creates the future.

When the recession hits, hit back.

Fight the recession.

This is nothing a little revenue can’t fix.

This is nothing a little marketing can’t fix.

When ambushed by a global pandemic, legendary marketers get legendary.

Only 10% of companies get stronger in a recession. It might as well be you.

In a pandemic some people compete in existing market categories. Legends create their own.

In an event of a global pandemic do legendary marketing.

Legendary marketing changes the way people think.

There are riches in niches.

The future depends on legendary marketing.

When a recession gives you lemons punch it in the face.

When a recession gives you lemons beat the shit out of it.

A 30-day marketing MBA, kind of.

Every day for the next 30 days, I will be studying the marketing strategies behind the world’s biggest baddest brands.

Want in? Grab a seat

Join millions of readers and listeners.

Eavesdrop on the legendary.

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155 Content-Free Marketing: How the Marketing World Got Duped into Saying Nothing Everywhere (Snow Leopard Book Excerpt)

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Millionaires, billionaires, world leaders, navy seal commanders, globally recognized authors, anti-terrorism strategists, real-estate tycoons, fierce venture capitalists, hall of fame athletes and category-creating entrepreneurs following their different with reckless abandon.

Listen to the top 25 over all charting podcast curating candid, wildly captivating conversations with living legends like top Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, VCs and legends like Bill Walton, Kerri Walsh Jennings, Ken Blanchard, Dushka Zapata and Hal Elrod.




Most of us are tricked into believing that achieving personal and professional success means fitting in.

What it really takes is the courage to follow your different.

This powerful podcast features real, raw, fun conversations with people who honed what makes them unique, and used it to their advantage.

Legends whose name you know.

And every day legends you’ll love getting to know.


Play Bigger


How Pirates, Dreamers, and Innovators Create
and Dominate Markets  
'If There's A Playbook For Building The Next Google...
This Is It’ - Forbes