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Play Bigger


What does it take to win today? Play Bigger introduces the new discipline of category design developed by the founders of a Silicon Valley firm. It is “the new how-to guide for entrepreneurs and executives who want to build legendary, enduring companies,” says Jim Goetz of Sequoia Capital.



Stand out from the competition and claim new ground. Niche Down explores the stories of people who found the courage to follow their differences and ultimately became legendary in their niche. It brings a new perspective about life and business as well as much needed insights to succeed.

The Category Design Toolkit copy

The Category Design Toolkit: Beyond Marketing: 15 Frameworks For Creating & Dominating Your Niche

Over the past 20 years, Category Creation and Category Design has gone from being a little-known "positioning" secret from advertising legends like David Ogilvy, Leo Burnett, Al Ries, Jack Trout, Gary Halbert, and more, to now becoming the single most in-demand skill among business leaders, Fortune 500 executives, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, marketers, and even the next generation of digital creators.


Snow Leopard: How Legendary Writers Create A Category Of One

Snow Leopard is the first writing advice book ever written through a Category Design lens. Inside, what you will not find are a bunch of nose-picky suggestions for how you can make your writing “better.” There will be no talk of comma placement, grammatical correctness, or a recap of Joseph Campbell’s “Hero’s Journey.”

A Marketers Guide To Category Design copy

A Marketer's Guide To Category Design: How To Escape The "Better" Trap, Dam The Demand, And Launch A Lightning Strike Strategy

The reason is because all marketing sits within a context. "He or she who frames the problem owns the solution."


The 22 Laws of Category Design

Name & Claim Your Niche, Share Your POV, And Move The World From Where It Is To Somewhere Different

This book is for a very small percentage of business people.

You see, most people in business are not trying to use Category Design to create a new category that changes the future and generates exponential new value. Instead, many people in business are trying to “not get fired.” Many people want to go to work, make a contribution, and go home.

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