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355 How To Win On Shark Tank, Create A Category, & Save Billions of Butts with Sean Riley, Chief Dude at DUDE Wipes

Thursday 23rd May 2024
FYD EPISODE 355 Sean Riley Dude Wipes

On this episode of Christopher Lochhead: Follow Your Different, we have the pleasure of welcoming Sean Riley, the co-founder of Dude Wipes.

For those unfamiliar with it, Dude Wipes is a brand that has revolutionized the concept of personal hygiene with a superior alternative to traditional toilet paper. Sean shares the story of how Dude Wipes catapulted to legendary success, including securing a deal with Mark Cuban on Shark Tank and being recognized as one of the top five greatest Shark Tank entrepreneurs.

Our conversation was not only enlightening, but also a testament to the power of innovation and strategic category design in entrepreneurship.

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Sean Riley on Disrupting the Market with Practical Innovation

The conversation starts off with Sean’s mustache and how well everyone’s taking to it. Sean’s distinctive mustache isn’t just a personal style choice; it’s become a branding asset for Dude Wipes. Pivoting from that, Sean discusses the significance of the brand and its deep resonance with consumers. The name “Dude Wipes” itself is a stroke of genius, encapsulating humor, authenticity, and a bold approach to male hygiene.

The conversation then veered towards the practicality of Dude Wipes. Sean emphasizes the universal dissatisfaction with traditional toilet paper and the need for a better solution, especially for men on the go. He explores the potential for Dude Wipes to become as ubiquitous as toilet paper, with the aim of making the product more accessible and convenient for consumers.

Drawing parallels with Gojo Industries, the category king of liquid soap and Purell hand sanitizer, Christopher highlights the reframing of the problem and the potential for Dude Wipes to create a new category in the hygiene space. Despite initial skepticism, Sean’s commitment to disrupting the toilet paper market remains unwavering.

Sean Riley on Overcoming Skepticism and Embracing Category Potential

In the early days, Dude Wipes faced challenges and skepticism. However, Sean and his team were confident in their product’s appeal to men.

They understood that by creating a better product, they could carve out a new space in the male market. Sean’s insights on the importance of category potential and market dynamics were particularly enlightening, emphasizing the significance of entering a growing category with unique offerings.

The Shark Tank Effect: A Pivotal Moment for Dude Wipes

Sean provides an overview of Dude Wipes’ impressive sales figures and distribution channels, highlighting the company’s organic growth and resourceful brand-building approach. Reflecting on their Shark Tank experience, Sean recounts the unexpected turn of events when Mark Cuban offered them a deal, marking a pivotal moment for the company.

Sean’s passion and determination were palpable as he recounted the journey of building Dude Wipes and overcoming challenges to achieve success.

To hear more from Sean Riley and to receive valuable insights into entrepreneurship, category design, and the power of believing in a product’s potential, download and listen to this episode.


Sean Riley is the co-founder and driving force behind Dude Wipes, a groundbreaking brand in personal hygiene. With a business degree in hand, Sean teamed up with his childhood friend to challenge conventional notions of men’s grooming. In 2010, they launched Dude Products, introducing flushable wipes tailored for men, a concept that resonated with consumers seeking convenient, effective, and masculine alternatives to traditional toilet paper.

Sean’s leadership propelled Dude Products from a garage startup to a global phenomenon, with a diverse product line available in major retailers worldwide. His dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction solidified Dude Wipes’ position as an industry leader. Beyond business, Sean advocates for men’s health and wellness, leveraging Dude Wipes’ platform to promote positive habits and destigmatize personal hygiene.

With relentless drive and passion, Sean continues to inspire others to embrace their dudehood and live life to the fullest.


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