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205 Legendary Author Dushka Zapata

Monday 17th June 2024
205 Legendary Author Dushka Zapata

In today’s episode of Follow Your Different, we are joined yet again by the breathtaking Dushka Zapata. Dushka is one of our regular guests in the podcast and one of the most important and prolific writers this world has to offer. The world truly needs more of Dushka.

Additionally, in an act of radical generosity, Dushka has decided to make all e-versions of her published books available on Amazon, for free, starting March 17, 2021. Everything she has published will be available in ebook form for free within a 24-hour period. We highly recommend going and check out the link and read her astounding books.

The Prioritization of Well-Being

The pandemic has changed everyone’s relationship landscape, and the glue that has held those relationships has modified its fundamental composition. Dushka discusses that the difficulty in prioritizing one’s well-being is due to the fact that oftentimes it is impossible to tell what exactly is the best for one’s well-being.

She shares that the only way to find the answer is to spend time alone, compassionately and gently, giving thought to what is genuinely best for oneself.

“We are all like boats and we all carry other people who take care of the maintenance of the boat. If the boat sinks, you are useless to others. So what is it that you need to do for the boat, which is you? You need to be functional for others.

The most responsible thing that we can do is to think about the best ways we can take care of ourselves.” – Dushka Zapata

The Pursuit of Happiness

Dushka discusses that her definition for the pursuit of happiness is less about being happy and more about the feeling of whether her actions have a sense of purpose. Most people are trapped in a constant state of sabotaging their own happiness because they feel like it’s too much. When in reality, there is no logical limit to how happy one can become. 

She encourages people to never believe in mediocrity, low-grade despair, and to devise small steps to interests that bring one closer to happiness.

“There isn’t a higher being monitoring your amount of happiness. I think that if there were a first step, it would be to remove your own tendency to sabotage your own happiness.

If there were a second step, it would be about identifying the wants that are real.

And, if there were a third step, it would be about truly understanding what the difference is between the superficial want and the deeper wants.” Dushka Zapata

The Architecture of One’s Fabrication

Dushka and Christopher discuss how life is just the story that people tell themselves about the facts, people live in the architecture of their own fabrication. Dushka shares how it is worthwhile to perceive oneself as the person who thinks their thoughts rather than being one’s thoughts. This guarantees a life not filled with suffering over things that are uncontrollable and non-existent. 

“To me, a really central part about learning how to love myself has to do with making a distinction between the things I believe that are not true.” – Dushka Zapata

To know more about the legendary Dushka Zapata and how to prioritize your well-being, download and listen to this episode. 


After working for more than 20 years in the communications industry, Dushka noticed a theme.

People find it very difficult to articulate who they are and what they do.

This holds true for both companies and for individuals.

For companies, this is an impediment to the development of an identity, a reputation, a brand.

It makes it hard for customers to see how companies are different from their competitors.

For individuals, in a new world order of personal brands, it makes it hard to develop one that feels real.

This is the focus of Dushka’s work: she helps companies and people put into simple terms who they are, what they do, and where to go next.

Her work comes to life through message development, presentation training, media training and personal brand development.

It comes to life through executive coaching, workshops and public speaking.

It comes to life through what she writes.

Dushka has written ten bestseller.

Her work has been consumed on Q&A site Qoura 180M times.


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