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120 Security, Deep Fakes & Apple Glasses Oh My! w/ Dave Bittner

Monday 15th July 2024
120 Security, Deep Fakes & Apple Glasses Oh My! w/ Dave Bittner

Today, Dave Bittner, Producer and Host of The CyberWire Podcast and Hacking Humans podcast, joins us for a timely discussion about security, the future, deep fakes Apple glasses and more. He is a regular guest of podcast Grumpy Old Geeks with previous guests, Jason DiFillipo & Brian Schulmister.

Trade-Off Between Operations and Risks

Security has played a huge role in every technology company nowadays. The episode starts off with a very timely topic on security. Christopher poses the question “why security is hard?”  Dave honestly answers that there is a trade-off and risk-reward decision-making process that needs to happen. 

Dave continues that breaches started getting bigger as well as ramifications and costs resulting in bad publicity, too. Board Members now have started giving their attention to security threats, as they, themselves can be liable for these breaches.

“I think these days good board members have to have a certain level of knowledge and education in cybersecurity because it touches everything.” – Dave Bittner

More on Data Breaches and Hacking 

Would there be more data breaches and hacking in the near future since the cost of technological equipment is getting cheaper? Dave answered, yes.

Hackers are professionalizing themselves. They also have access to knowledge and tools that enables them to target victims, as opposed to the usual shotgun approach.

“I think there are a few things going on right now, I think we are seeing the sophistication of the actors increased in the sense that, there’s an increase in the professionalism of them.” – Dave Bittner

Other Future Related Topics

Dave shares more about privacy and security. Also there’s the fact that 60% of people in the US genetic connections can be implied from data available from 23andme or

“The security implication is that biometric datayour DNA, your fingerprints, your face ID, facial recognitionthose are the things that it’s very difficult to change, if not, impossible to change. If someone gets a hold of that and that something, that you’re using as a factor for your security, you cant just go reset that. That’s one of the long term concerns.” – Dave Bittner

To hear more about Security, Deep Fakes and Apple Glasses and more information about Dave, download and listen to the episode.


Dave Bittner is the Producer and Host of The CyberWire Podcast, Hacking Humans podcast.


Twitter: @bittner

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