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350 The AI Startup Teaching Kids To Build Tech Startups with Hannah Grady Williams and Ted Dintersmith of d’Skills

Monday 22nd April 2024
FYD EPISODE 350 Hannah Grady Williams and Ted Dintersmith

On this episode of Christopher Lochhead: Follow Your Different, we bridge the gap between native analogs and native digitals in business by having a dialogue between the VC legend Ted Dintersmith and one of the new legends of her generation, Hannah Grady Williams.

Ted Dintersmith is a VC legend on the East Coast. He’s a former venture capitalist and a founding member of Charles River ventures, where he spent a significant portion of his career investing in and nurturing technology startups. Transitioning his focus toward education, he’s become an influential advocate for innovative educational practices.

Hannah Grady Williams is the legendary founder and CEO of d’Skills. She’s recognized for her innovative approach to shaping education and her efforts to equip the next generation with the tools necessary for success in the modern digital landscape. And, oh yeah, she’s only 25 years old.

Hannah, Ted and Chris discuss the challenges of bridging generational gaps in education as native digital and native analogs. Along with the importance of introducing AI into education to empower students with real world projects. You’ll be shocked at the transformative impact of the skills program on student’s confidence, problem solving abilities, and career prospects.

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Hannah Grady Williams on Education Reform and Preparing Students for the Workforce

After a quick introduction between the two guests, the conversation starts with Hannah recounting a pivotal moment from her childhood when her dad involved her in a real estate deal at age 12, sparking her interest in applying academic skills to real-world situations.

This experience led her to question the traditional education system’s effectiveness in preparing students for modern careers, especially in the age of AI. She and Christopher discuss the shortcomings of current education models, emphasizing the importance of practical skills over rote memorization.

Both share a vision of revolutionizing education by shifting focus from test scores to impact portfolios, where students showcase real-world projects demonstrating their skills. They aim to equip students with digital and AI skills through hands-on projects, enabling them to make tangible contributions to businesses. Ultimately, they envision a million students graduating high school with impact portfolios, ready for the demands of the modern workforce.

Ted Dintersmith on the Disconnect between Traditional School Education and Skill Development

Christopher and Ted discuss the stark difference between traditional education and teaching skills relevant to the modern workforce, particularly in the context of AI. They note the reluctance of many educational institutions to embrace AI tools, preferring to view them as potential cheating aids rather than productivity enhancers.

Ted highlights the disconnect between traditional schooling and the demands of the job market, where college graduates often lack marketable skills and face uncertain career prospects. He emphasizes the need for parents to recognize the evolving nature of jobs and the importance of equipping students with adaptable skills. They see initiatives like Hannah’s d’Skills as offering a path for students to create their own fulfilling careers, distinct from the outdated model of relying solely on degrees and conventional career paths.

Education Priorities and Student Motivation

Adding more on the topic of issues concerning traditional education, Ted also emphasizes that education’s central issue isn’t test scores or learning loss but rather the erosion of student motivation and purpose.

He highlights the success of programs like d’Skills in engaging students, enabling them to pursue meaningful projects they find important. These initiatives contrast starkly with traditional schooling, where students often lack enthusiasm and see little relevance in their coursework.

Ted underscores the importance of empowering students to engage in real-world projects that matter to them, a stark departure from the test-focused education system. Christopher contrasts the enthusiasm and results of students involved in programs like d’Skills with those in traditional education, noting the marked difference in attitude and approach.

To hear more from Hannah Grady Williams and Ted Dintersmith on the current state of education and how to improve upon it, download and listen to this episode.


Hannah Grady Williams is the founder/CEO of d’Skills. d’Skills is a one-of-a-kind digital training community that teaches young people entrepreneurship, AI skills and how to create a revenue producing business in 10 weeks.

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