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361 A Tribute to Bill Walton

Wednesday 19th June 2024
FYD EPISODE 361 Bill Walton

On this episode of Christopher Lochhead: Follow Your Different, I would like to share with you a very special tribute to a man who’s not only a legend in the world of basketball but also a cherished friend of mine—Bill Walton.

Join me as we take a walk down memory lane, revisiting the first time Bill graced my podcast with his presence and the indelible mark he’s left on my life.

A Meeting of Minds in San Diego

It was August 24th, 2017—a day etched in my memory, thanks to the friends who captured the moment and shared a photo of our first encounter. Meeting Bill Walton was like stepping into a storybook where the characters leap off the page. Here was one of the greatest NBA players of all time, a man whose stature was matched only by his extraordinary personality, ready to become a part of my world.

Our initial meeting took place at an executive event in sunny San Diego, where we were both slated to speak. I remember watching Bill, completely unscripted, captivating the audience with his life’s slideshow in the background. His ability to weave tales and engage listeners with nothing but his memories and a carousel of personal photos was nothing short of mesmerizing.

Meeting Bill Walton

The Teacher in My Life

Bill’s journey is one of resilience. From battling a stutter to enduring chronic injuries, his path was never easy. Yet, he emerged stronger, channeling his love for music and life into everything he did. His passion was infectious, and his dedication to being unapologetically unique was something that deeply resonated with me.

Bill played a crucial role in my transition to becoming a teacher. His influence was a guiding light, helping me navigate through new territories with confidence. His life lessons extended beyond the court, and I was fortunate to be one of the many who benefited from his wisdom.

Remembering Bill Walton

Radical Generosity and Unwavering Support

One of the most touching aspects of my friendship with Bill was experiencing his radical generosity firsthand. I’ll never forget the care package of memorabilia he sent my way—a testament to his thoughtful nature and the value he placed on our bond.

In the aftermath of a personal tragedy, it was Bill’s kindness that shone through the darkness. His heartfelt messages provided comfort and support when I needed it most, further solidifying the profound impact of our friendship.

As I reflect on the time spent with Bill Walton, I’m filled with immense gratitude. His legacy extends far beyond his basketball accolades; it’s etched in the hearts of those he’s touched with his generosity, spirit, and unwavering friendship.

I hope that this episode gives you a glimpse into the remarkable man that is Bill Walton and the special place he holds in my life. His story is one of triumph, tenacity, and the power of genuine connections. Thank you for joining me in this celebration of friendship and legacy.

A Tribute to Bill Walton


Bill Walton, an NBA legend, is renowned for his exceptional skills, dynamic personality, and influential career. Born on November 5, 1952, Walton’s basketball journey began at UCLA, where he led the Bruins to two national championships.

In the NBA, he played for the Portland Trailblazers, San Diego/Los Angeles Clippers, and Boston Celtics, earning two NBA championships and an MVP award in 1978. In 1997, Bill Walton was selected as one of the NBA’s Fifty Greatest Players of all Time.

Post-retirement, he became a beloved broadcaster, known for his colorful commentary. Walton’s legacy continues to inspire basketball enthusiasts worldwide.

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