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335 Inside Israel with Dr. Giora Yaron, former Chairman of Tel Aviv University

Thursday 23rd May 2024
FYD EPISODE 335 Dr Giora Yaron

Today on Christopher Lochhead: Follow Your Different, we have a special episode featuring a good friend of mine, Dr. Giora Yaron. We talk about what’s happening in Israel now, the realities of the situation Israel faces and what’s likely to happen next.

Dr. Giora Yaron is considered a legend in the startup tech world. He’s known as one of the key players in creating the tech startup VC ecosystem. He started his career as a Senior Executive in National Semiconductor in the United States. And subsequent to that he’s founded, co-founded, and/or been the chairman of more than 25 Deep-tech startups. He’s also the former chairman of Tel Aviv University.

Dr. Yaron is also a decorated Israeli Defense Forces Combat officer. And today, he serves as a strategic adviser to the Israeli Ministry of Defense.

No matter what you think about this war, no matter how much you think you might know, there’s a lot to learn in this riveting captivating, in depth, no BS conversation with a living Israeli legend. Also, it’s important to note this episode was recorded on October 26 2023.

You’re listening to Christopher Lochhead: Follow Your Different. We are the real dialogue podcast for people with a different mind. So get your mind in a different place, and hey ho, let’s go.

Dr. Giora Yaron on the current situation in Israel

Christopher Lochhead and Dr. Giora Yaron discuss the situation in Israel. Dr. Yaron shares how his family was safe living far from conflict zones, although they hosted affected families initially.

He mentioned the challenges faced by IDF with a significant number drafted and the delicate balance in completing the mission while saving hostages.

Dr. Yaron also highlighted past incidents, comparing the current situation to previous attacks in 1973 and 2002. He expressed concerns about dealing with barbarian savages and the challenge of maintaining Israeli values while addressing the crisis.

Dr. Giora Yaron on the conflict’s impact on civilians

The conversation then shifts to the topic of the recent conflict in Israel and its impact on civilians.

Dr. Yaron discusses the strategic and moral dilemmas faced by Israel in dealing with groups like Hamas and the challenges in differentiating between combatants and civilians. He emphasizes the need to combat extremist groups aiming to establish an Islamic state and the importance of military action to achieve this.

Christopher notes that many veterans, like Colin Powell, become peacemakers later in life and discussed the heroic efforts of civilians in the conflict. But Dr. Yaron responds that the situation isn’t about pursuing peace but dealing with an ongoing conflict.

Dr. Giora Yaron on Cultural Differences and how it affects perception in the West

Dr. Yaron shares his concerns about the disconnect between Western sympathies for Palestinians and the harsh realities faced by Israelis due to terrorist attacks.

He emphasizes the need for a practical approach and shared personal experiences, such as Mellanox’s tragic incident, to illustrate the challenges faced in pursuing peace in the region. He further underscores the complexities of the situation and the clash between idealistic hopes for peace and the harsh realities on the ground.

To hear more from Dr. Giora Yaron and the clash of ideals in Israel, download and listen to this episode.


Dr. Giora Yaron is the former Chairman of Tel Aviv University (Executive Council), and on the board of Amdocs (DOX).

Dr. Yaron serves on the advisory board of the Israeli Ministry of Defense.

He is also an active Founding Investor and Founder of a group of high-tech and med-tech companies; P-cube, (acquired by Cisco), PentaCom (acquired by Cisco), Qumranet (acquired by Redhat), Comsys (acquired by Conexant, Texas Instruments), Exanet (acquired by Dell) Hyperwise Security (acquired by Checkpoint) Qwilt, Itamar Medical, Excelero, Equalum and, Aqua Security.

Dr. Yaron has been serving as board member and/or Chairman of the Boards of these companies since their inception.

Dr. Yaron served as Chairman of the Board of Mercury Interactive (acquired by HP for $4.5B US).

From 1992-1995 Dr. Yaron has served as President of Indigo NV, leading the company to an NASDAQ IPO. Prior to joining Indigo served as corporate Vice President of National Semiconductor and was the Founder of National wafer fab in Israel (today Tower-Jazz Semiconductors) [].

In 2008 Dr Yaron presented at the Computer History Museum the revolutionary microprocessor development work he lead with his team at NCS which provides the foundation for the microprocessors as we know them today.

Dr Yaron was granted Honorary Fellowships by The Hebrew University In 2009 .

In the years 2009-2013 served on Israel Prime Minister Entrepreneurship and Innovation Committee

Dr. Yaron holds a Ph.D. in Device Physics from the Hebrew University has published numerous scientific papers and holds numerous patents.


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