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Real Success Vs. Fake Success

Monday 22nd April 2024
Real Success Vs. Fake Success

Many people think “making it” is about money.

Now, money is awesome. And financial freedom is a great goal and a life-changing achievement.

But for me, “making it” is not about money.

I knew I had truly “made it” when I realized that the journey is the destination.

That is to say, I “made it” when I realized that life is a thing you can proactively design and then build out your design. And if you’re super lucky, you get to co-design and co-build the life of your choosing with people you love.

Life feels very different when you wake up every day:

  1. In the place you want to be
  2. doing things you truly want to do
  3. with people you really love
  4. making the difference you want to make
  5. and having a ton of fun.

And the big “aha!” is that we can all do this.

“Making it” is not about a particular financial outcome. It’s a way of being in life. We all have the power to design our lives, careers, and businesses.

When I started co-creating my life with people I love, that’s when I knew I had “made it.”