211: Q&A on Niche Down with Praxis Students Pt. 1

Thursday 20th June 2019
Niche Down Q&A With Praxis Students Pt. 1 Legends and Losers

How do you design a legendary career and life? On this special Q&A episode of Legends and Losers, Christopher Lochhead hangs out with 75 young Praxis students enroled in the program by the one and only Isaac Morehouse. They talk how to niche down and what it takes to become undeniable.

“To be different, to create something new, you have to identify a problem that people are experiencing or deficit in the world, something that could be better and invent something that makes it better.” – Hannah Frankman, Praxis student

Three Things We Learned

Legends are different

When we come to think about it, every person, company or athlete that we respect or admire share some things in common with their fellow legends. These people are different and they follow their different, not bothering to fit in. They’re original, unique, took and broke new ground, and left the world changed forever.

Legends niche down

Legendary people become successful by proactively positioning themselves. They specifically tell the world how to think about them, what problem they solve and why that problem matters. By doing so, they become evangelists for that problem and turn it into the niche that they become known for and dominate.

“Different” is more interesting than “better”

When you’re hustling in a category with a queen that shares two-thirds of the market, it’s close to impossible to be better. In the grand scheme of things, the game of better is less interesting. Being different still wins over more attention and reaps more success than trying to lap a competition.

Christopher got thrown out of school at 18, thinking that he was stupid. It wasn’t until he was 21 that he discovered he has learning differences. By embracing these and making the most out of his limited options, he was able to start his company and launch his career that is legendary in its own right.


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