215: Trading Legendary Stories with Colin Vincent

Thursday 20th June 2019
Trading Legendary Stories with Colin Vincent Legends and Losers

On today’s episode, Legends and Losers’ original co-host Colin Vincent picks up the mic with Christopher Lochhead. They kick it back and talk about Colin’s weight loss. They also trade legendary stories involving hotel apps, Japanese toilets, a new world record for solving the Rubik’s cube underwater, and so much more.

“I would know that I did something that I could stop doing the next day… Doing this allowed me to feel more in control of what was going on in a way that I hadn’t felt before.” – Colin Vincent on his weight loss

Colin Vincent’s Journey to 35 Pounds Less

Colin has invested time and effort to lose some weight over the past year. He has a habit of weighing himself every morning to make himself more conscientious of his progress. Colin also keeps track of the food he eats in order to be able to determine what’s actually causing his loss or gain.

Additionally, he got rid of sweets and keeps a high-protein and high-fat diet. Colin even switched from liquor to red wines. Clearly, all his efforts have paid off.

Fantastic Hotels

In a recent excursion to a dude range at Montana, Chris experienced what he claims has to be the future of hotels. The hotel they stayed at had a smartphone app that had everything they needed, from itinerary down to room service. Overall, the range adventure had been something out of the ordinary.

Colin also had a pleasing hotel stay in Japan where everything was computerized. Codes were given to enter rooms and lobbies, and even the checkout and penalty systems were run via computers. And to top everything, the toilet seats with built-in heaters came with automatic washing and blow-drying.

More Legendary Stories

Chris and Colin proceed to talk about a burglar that was nabbed after his vehicle got stuck in a pile of stinky manure, a man who survived bear attack and got bitten by a shark the same year, and a whole lot more.

To hear more stories, download and listen to the episode now!


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