221: Bix and Joe Bickson Ruthless Compassion

Thursday 20th June 2019
Bix and Joe Bickson Ruthless Compassion Legends and Losers

Bix and Joe Bickson return for this series tackling different topics, including future hacking. Today, they share how imposter syndrome manifests and why people need to be ruthlessly compassionate.

“Every CEO, every executive, every person we’ve sat in a room with over time has revealed that they also have great doubts.” – Bix Bickson on imposter syndrome

Three Things We Learned

Everyone is suffering from the imposter syndrome

This is apparent in the way we present ourselves in the world. Particularly, people who are more senior in an organization feel the need to have it together. They need to look good, be the smartest, the sharpest and most intelligent, but the truth is everyone has their own self-doubts, concerns and worries.

Podcasts help reveal the truth

If there’s anything that podcasts have been a huge help at, it’s in revealing the truth that all the people we revere have to deal with the same set of challenges regular people do. It doesn’t matter whether they are a musician, an actor or an executive. Through podcasts, we get to listen to their lives and come to a realization that they are no different from the rest of us.

Manifestation of the imposter syndrome

People walk into an executive meeting bearing all the years of experience, knowledge and expertise that placed them in a position to be heard. But the value that a person is able to create is completely correlated with the willingness of people to listen. Without this engagement, whatever you work for won’t make any difference.

Self-doubt is more than feeling incompetent in areas outside of one’s expertise despite having the mastery of one’s specialization. Oftentimes, external stimuli like the engagement of your audience can play a role. Juxtaposed, these various factors swizzle about and create this crippling self-doubt regardless of having proven oneself time and again.


Bix and Joe Bickson are a team of a baby boomer and millennial working together to create new organizational DNA.



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