190: Tiffani Bova Your Growth I.Q.

Sunday 19th May 2019

What is it like to stand in the shoulder of giants? How to build a successful career in tech that will last for many years? Author, Speaker, and Salesforce Evangelist Tiffani Bova shares the importance of improving your growth I.Q.

“Diversity is much broader than gender that ultimately it just makes teams more effective and companies more effective.” – Tiffani Bova

Three Things We Learned

    Writing provides a better understanding

For many business people, writing is better than thinking things through. It allows for a wider perception, revealing things that might not have been considered or expected to be achieved in the process. Had people known them earlier, they could have acted differently in the playing field.

    Growth is about combination & timing

Growth isn’t about the actions or tools used. It is about finding the right combination and its proper sequence that make people completely rethink their business. Without the right operational sequence, the right idea can still fall short.

    Every person or business is unique

People sometimes stray from their core message. They tend to forget who they are and what they do as they pursue their goals. But that shouldn’t be. What they can do instead is to return to their true identities, compete in that arena, and amplify what they are supposed to.

When thinking about growth strategies, one should also think about the context of the market concerned. The context is unique to every business. Understanding the necessary components for growth is important.

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