187: How to Listen to a New Podcast

Tuesday 18th June 2019

In today’s short episode, Christopher Lochhead touches base with his listeners to discuss a rather crazy topic he’s been asked about. How should you listen to a new podcast?

“By design, the typical interview is deeply inauthentic.” – Christopher Lochhead

Radio Pitfalls

Radio has taught us to listen to a very particular format. This is the standard interview we’re all very familiar of, which is exactly the type of show that Christopher is averse to.

With the host and producers seeking to get a narrative across to the listeners, they actively deliver what they think are the best parts of a show. Christopher thinks that this is not representative of a true conversation amongst people.

Listen with Fresh Ears

The interview and radio paradigm has made us comfortable with a particular listening experience. When you’re a first-time listener to a great podcast, it’s going to sound unique and fresh. This difference in experience can sometimes be off-putting and jarring by virtue of what we’re used to as listeners.

If you find yourself thumbing around a new podcast, you’re there for a reason. Someone might have recommended it to you, or you thought the host was a cool person. Whatever it is, you must listen to it with fresh ears.

Stick It Out

Sticking to a new podcast requires effort. But you can only judge a show by listening to a couple of episodes. You need to test the waters before you opt out or take the plunge.

Christopher isn’t new to this trial and error. He got recommended a new podcast hosted by Jordan Harbinger. He didn’t like it at first, but it grew on him soon enough.

“There was one percent of my brain that was going, ‘There’s something here for me.’ And because I gave it a chance… it’s one of my favorites.” – Christopher Lochhead




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