177 Niche Down – Hal Elrod

Monday 20th May 2019
Hal Elrod Legends and Losers

Hal Elrod is known as The Miracle Morning guy. Literally killed by a drunk driver, he suffered through the Great Recession and is now braving a rare form of life-threatening cancer. Despite everything that life has thrown at him, Hal continues to be the legendary person that he is.

His bestselling book series, The Miracle Morning, has now sold over half a million copies worldwide. He is also the host of the top podcast, “Achieve Your Goals”.
“When things don’t go your way, you can feel bad about it, but for five minutes. If you can’t change it, move on.” – Hal Elrod

Hal Elrod – A Series of Horrific Events
In 1999, a car accident claimed Hal’s life literally albeit briefly. A few years shy of a decade later, he went through a profoundly difficult financial crisis during the Great Recession. Currently, he is battling cancer.

A true survivor and fighter, Hal found inspiration in the series of mishaps that went his way throughout his entire life.  He transformed his life by niching down.

Reinventing Oneself
In a sea of thousands of authors, speakers and life coaches, Hal didn’t stand out. There were many ex-sales folk who served the same tips as he wanted to. Even then, Hal didn’t let it get him down.

In true spirit of the thesis underlying Niche Down, he began doing different and breaking ground. He wrote his book, The Miracle Morning, based on the many learnings he had from the unfortunate and life-altering events that tested his tenacity and will.

Miracles in Mornings
Hal believes that what we do first thing in our day affects the whole day. If you can change your morning by getting up an hour earlier, the next twenty-three hours are profoundly affected. And if you can change your days, then you can surely change your entire life.

This radical idea was evangelized, eventually becoming the touchstone belief system of people who wished to be guided through all life phases and choices. The book has served people from all walks of life, and is changing one morning at a time.


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