174 Matt Cubbler – A Cop Who is Serving, Protecting and Creating

Saturday 23rd March 2019
Matt Cubbler A Cop Who is Serving, Protecting & Creating Legends and Losers

How does a series of events impacting both national and personal history shape a person’s life? In today’s episode, Matt Cubbler shares with Christopher Lochhead the story of how he became not only a decorated officer of the Army, a cop, a public speaker, but also a COO. By the end of their conversation, his tale of struggle and triumph will leave you changed.

“It will always be about working on the gray. You have to live in the gray. It can’t be black and white.” – Matt Cubbler on the paradoxical life of an officer

Three Things We Learned

    Some naughty teenagers end up in service

Quite the entrepreneur back in high school, Matt used to profit off ghostwritten term papers on books his customers weren’t aware he never read in full. He forged signatures of teachers for hall passes at two dollars apiece. Despite his budding skill set that is the completely removed from his eventual career path, service for the country called him and he even became an Air Marshal following the 9/11 terror.

    Curiosity kills, satisfaction revives

His heart has always been in the right place, but Matt relished the insights he gained from his stints that capitalized on actively being part of “the other side.” He wanted to know what it was like, what it felt like for people who conned and benefited financially from doing something that seemed so easy, repercussions notwithstanding. Getting arrested was the turning point, when the long-term “high” of wanting to do and doing good finally registered and became his purpose.

    Our past actions don’t have to become us

As if by some stroke of genius, fate laid the greatest irony in Matt’s life by making his arresting officer the same person who would eventually help him land his first job as a law enforcer. This cop made him identify the good in him, and guided him to open up to it. By being under his tutelage, Matt was able to fully grasp the truth that his deeds back in high school will never become him.

Matt will have to swallow a lot more truth pills through the course of his life. But all these will be part of who he is at present, a man dedicated to service, to doing good, and inspiring others to become the legends they’re meant to be.

Matt Cubbler

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