110: Drinking With Gurus: Marketing PhD James Kelley & Leadership Expert Jon Berghoff

Monday 20th May 2019
motivational stories

A lot of people use adversity as an opportunity to play victim. How is this linked to the meanings we give to our challenges? What is the true definition of happiness? Why is adversity such an important experience for all human beings? On this episode, we have a dialogue with Dr. James Kelley and Jon Berghoff about fatherhood and learning valuable lessons from our greatest setbacks and tragedies.

Every choice I make now in my life, is a direct reflection of the lessons I want to teach my kids. -Dr. James Kelley

3 Things We Learned

    • Life doesn’t get easier; your skills just get better


    • There’s a difference between joy and happiness


    Life’s lessons aren’t always instant

A universal aspect of life is that experiencing suffering or happiness is a choice, and we have the power to decide how we see something. We have the power to create our own meanings from the challenges and adversities we meet. The truth is we can find the gift in every adversity, and extract the meaningful lessons that will help us self-actualize. The ability to take something bad and turn it into something good is an important attribute and a powerful key to being happy.

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