034: Don’t Believe Everything You Think: Dushka Zapata, Best SellingAuthor on Overcoming Fear, Dread & Limitations

Tuesday 18th June 2019

The assumption that imagining the worst case scenario prepares you is a fallacy. What do we get wrong when it comes to dealing with fear? How do we distinguish between the types of fear we experience? What happens when what we think is true turns out to not be? On this episode, Dushka Zapata is back to share more of her wisdom, great writing and her perspective on how we overcome the things that hold us back.

The reason we believe in things that aren’t true is we listen to our fears, and we listen to our fears because that’s what keeps us safe. – Dushka Zapata


    You need to not believe everything you think. A lot of what we believed is governed by our fears because we’re wired that way.
    There are two kinds of fear, one feels like dread telling you something is dangerous, and the other is a more thrilling feeling.
    People either love you or they don’t, you don’t have to do anything to make them love you any more.

At the start of the show, Dushka talked about political correctness and her upcoming book “A Spectacular Catastrophe and Other Things I Recommend”. Next, we talked about how most people feel like misfits, and why we have to change the way we view ourselves. Dushka also talked about how we can become trapped by the things we believe, and how to distinguish between your fears. Towards the end of the show, we talked about what we get wrong about love and friendship.

Dushka also spoke about;

    Disbelieving things you always thought were true
    How attitude tells your brain what to see
    How to stop paying attention to the limitations in your mind
    Useful coaching

We go through life believing things and the fact that we believe them hurt us. We listen to our fears because we’re wired to keep ourselves safe. To overcome our fears, we have to defy the mechanism inside that keeps us safe when we’re experiencing an unknown. There’s the fear the makes you feel dread and the fear that is more thrilling. Human beings can have conversations and declare that things can be different and we should take advantage of it. Remember, we create reality with our thoughts, so we can bend it with our thoughts. That’s how we summon the courage to overcome.

Guest Bio

Dushka helps companies and people put into simple terms who they are, what they do, and where to go next. Her work comes to life through message development, presentation training, media training and personal brand development. It comes to life through executive coaching, workshops and public speaking. It comes to life through what she writes. Her first book is “How to be Ferociously Happy” and her second is titled “Amateur”. Her third and newest book is “A Spectacular Catastrophe and other things I recommend”. Find her work on Quora.com/profile/Dushka-Zapata or buy her books here https://www.amazon.com/Dushka-Zapata/e/B01F2GZVYQ.

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