033: How To Be A #1 Salesperson, Entrepreneur, Leadership Guru & Ultra-Marathoner w/Jon Berghoff

Tuesday 18th June 2019

Human beings are very good at talking about what’s broken, what’s not working and what’s wrong. What is appreciative inquiry? How does it help companies reframe their problems and how they engage with employees in a meaningful way? What leadership lessons can we learn from this experience? On this episode, Jon Berghoff talks about his life, becoming a leading salesperson and coach, as well as changing the lenses and conversations we are having about work.


If 7/10 people don’t like going to work, maybe we need a new paradigm for how we approach work. – Jon Berghoff



Sensory clarity is the ability to distinguish your internal experience of the external world.

Languaging creates thinking and thinking creates action.

Leaders have to realize they don’t have all the answers. Their people have the answers, so it’s important to trust their wisdom.

You can’t solve a problem without having as many relevant voices in the room when you’re having the discussion.

At the start of the show, Jon shared how he got into ultra-marathons, and how he made ADHD an advantage. Next, he shared on unified mindfulness and how his career got started. We then began talking about appreciative enquiry and the current conversations we have about work, businesses and companies. We also discussed how so many people are seeing life through lenses cast on them by other people, and how to overcome that by changing what we say and what we think. Towards the end of the show, we discussed what companies get wrong when they try to bring a playful environment into the workplace.

We also spoke about;

    The difference between pain and injury
    Why the term “work-life balance” is BS
    The importance of inclusivity in company discussions
    Why giftology is so necessary

We’re living in an age of accelerated change, and that change includes disconnectedness. This lack of connection affects our relationships and if affects our companies. Appreciative inquiry is the ability to recognize that there’s power to wholeness and connectedness. Companies can’t solve a problem without having as many relevant voices in the room when they have important discussions. Leaders have to realize that every voice adds wholeness to the story they’re telling. When the values are in place, and people are clear on the mission, it brings energy into the room. What we need is a collective dialogue that is intentionally designed to move us towards something positive.

Guest Bio

Jon is the co-founder and managing partner of FLI. Under Jon’s leadership, the FLI team has designed and facilitated whole-system change efforts, through large group collaborative summits for organizations that include Fathom, Boeing Corporation, Vitamix Corporation, Fortec Medical, and Fairmount Minerals. Jon previously served as the head of sales for the direct sales team at Vitamix Corporation, where revenue grew by 400% in less than 4 years, as their team grew from 175 to over 600 members. His work in Appreciative Leadership, Emotionally Intelligent Negotiations, and Influence has brought him to Australia, Japan, the UK, and South America. Jon is in high demand, known for his authenticity and highly engaging style of creating powerful learning experiences for participants. Go to http://www.lead2flourish.com/ for more information.


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