028: How To Be Smart: The Power of Business Books with Sally Haldorson from 800-CEO-READ

Sunday 19th May 2019

Do stronger interpersonal relationships make for better colleagues? How has the business book genre shifted in the last 30 years? How has the advent of technology changed things for authors and publishers? In this episode, Sally Haldorson, the general manager of 800-CEO-READ, brings her expert knowledge on the business book field to discuss these questions and many more as we delve into the changing work culture that is taking place in America right now.  

The people who do the work are now in the driver’s seat and that is changing business and changing corporations for the better. – Sally Haldorson


    Everything is interlocked and how we perform at work is impacted by our lives and vice-versa. We shouldn’t be afraid to talk about that.
    The business book genre has expanded to go beyond leadership, management, marketing and sales to self-help, personal development and cultural development.
    Because of technology and community there has been a power shift so that the people doing the actual work are in the driver’s seat rather than the corporations.

We began this episode discussing the more humanistic approach that has been implemented in business since the 1980’s, and how we’ve grown increasingly accepting in embracing the human aspect of business. Sally discussed whether she feels that this shift makes for better colleagues and employees. Sally then went on to talk about how this has been mirrored in the business book world through books such as ‘Solve for Happy’. Later in this episode we moved on to discuss how technology has affected business and the pushback that has occurred to non-face to face connections and social media. Sally spoke about how this technology shift has affected both publishers and authors. Sally finished off by recommending some business books that she feels people should read and we spoke about the idea of empowerment.

We also discussed;

    The growth in physical books versus e-books.
    How you toe the line between marketing yourself effectively and not selling yourself out.
    The history of her publishers and how the advent of Amazon affected them.
    Whether it is acceptable to write about personal topics on a business blog.

Over the past 30 years there has been a huge shift in business culture which has seen a move away from strict, regimented control to giving more power back to the workers themselves and creating a more personable, empathetic workplace environment. Inherently, empathy makes us better people and empathy allows us to do better work and this has been realised by businesses. This has been partially driven by a change in the business book genre which has seen an increase in books about self-help, personal development, cultural development and other psychosocial issues.

Guest Bio

Sally Haldorson is the General Manager at 800-CEO-READ. Her job is to make it a great place to work for employees, and a consistently high-performing service organization for their clients, authors, and partners in the publishing industry. Also part of the company’s marketing team, Sally reads, writes, reviews, curates, and edits. For more information head over to Sally’s LinkedIn page; LinkedIn.com/in/Sally-Haldorson-23a5a222/

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