027: Silicon Valley PR Legend Sabrina Horn

Sunday 19th May 2019

Great PR and communications can very well be an x-factor in the success of a tech business. What are the greatest lessons learned from a successful career in this space? What is the future of the industry? What is love-based marketing and what will it do? On this episode, Sabrina Horn shares insights from her perch as the grand dame of Silicon Valley PR.

The worst mistakes I ever made were because I didn’t make the right decision soon enough. -Sabrina Horn


    People are afraid of a lot of upcoming technologies. Communicators have the role of making these things less scary.
    NYC is now number 2 after San Francisco in innovation. Boston has shifted innovation towards life-sciences.
    A reporter’s job is tough. Put yourself in their shoes and relate to them in a human way.

At the start of the show, Sabrina shared on her life story, her parents’ own entrepreneurship and how running a business is very humbling. Next, she talked about her life outside of work and the new wave of technology that is based on AI. She also shared tips for getting the most out of media relations and the biggest mistakes she’s ever made.

Sabrina also talked about;

    Love marketing and love-based campaigns
    The importance of category creation and recreation
    How to cultivate a good gut

As tech draws nearer to AI, and the media continues to be turned on its head, communicators are necessary now more than ever to take the fear and uncertainty out of these times. It comes down to keeping your head on your shoulders when things go nuts, learning from mistakes and filtering the noise out so you can listen to yourself, ask smart questions and make the best decisions.

Guest Bio

Sabrina is the Founder of the Horn Group, a Leading PR/Digital Communications Agency. She is also a partner at Finn Partners and she has 20 years of tech, enterprenuerial and media/leadership training experience. Follow her on Twitter @SabrinaHorn or find her on LinkedIn LinkedIn.com/in/SabrinaHorn

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