019: #SocialMediaMarketing Legend Bryan Kramer

Sunday 19th May 2019

Everybody in marketing wants to create something that catches fire. What are the best practices for creating and sharing content that goes viral? What can we learn from the creation of the Mexican Wave? What is the role of AR and AI in the future of marketing, health and other aspects of our lives? On this episode, Bryan Kramer talks about shareology, the future of agencies and tech.

Shareology is the why, what, when and how people and brands share. -Bryan Kramer


    Chatbots are only as good as the information you give them.
    Nowadays CMO and marketing departments would rather hire a consultant who is good with one thing.
    In the future, the CTO and CMO roles will come closer together as companies will need more of a business executive who understands how to deploy technology to create advantage.

At the start of the show, Bryan shared insights from the Adobe Conference, including VR and AI. Next, he talked about how humans are holding chatbots back, and how the Mexican Wave was created. He also gave insights on why good content can still fail to go viral, and what people get wrong when it comes to content. Towards the end of the show, we discussed how marketing will change radically, and the future of prosthetics and medicine.

Bryan also shared insights on;

    How chatbots can help in marketing
    Human-to-human marketing and shareology
    The marketing company of the future
    Why innovation shouldn’t scare us

Shareology is all about the human-to-human connection, and creating content that catches fire is all about quality, team and influencers. In the future, we’re going to experience the expansion of human-to-human marketing, and technology will be instrumental in this. It will change how marketers get hired, how they work and who they will be able to reach. We’ll experience many innovations that won’t seem as scary as they do now. They will warm up to be acceptable as we progress.

Guest Bio

Bryan Kramer is a renowned social business strategist, global keynote speaker, executive coach, and bestselling author. He’s one of the world’s foremost leaders in the art and science of sharing, and has been credited with instigating the #H2H human business movement in marketing and social. Go to BryanKramer.com for more info or follow @bryankramer on Twitter and Facebook.

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