016: Before Tony Robbins, Oprah & Dr Phil, There Was Self-Improvement Pioneer Bix Bickson

Tuesday 18th June 2019

The future is uncomfortable because we don’t have evidence for it. Why is the courage to speak and have conversation central to our advancement? How has school ruined us? What is the distinction between thinking and having thoughts? On this episode, Bix Bickson talks about accessing our own power, making the difference we’re committed to, and how we can change organizational conversations. We go deep on overcoming the world’s invalidation, and having the courage to have influential, authentic conversations.

The DNA of organizations lives in the conversations we’re having with each other, our customers, and the conversations we’re having with ourselves. -Bix Bickson


    Power is the ability to innovate lots of ideas, and seeing those ideas realized in the marketplace with velocity.
    Tacit knowledge grows through personal experience and experimentation. It’s not transferable, and it’s not teachable.
    It’s not just every living organism that has information, living organizations do too.
    Background conversations are more influential than foreground conversations but having them makes us feel endangered.

At the start of the show, we talked about the causes of imposter syndrome in society. Bix also shared on tacit knowledge and the power of making sure your speaking is making the difference you’re committed to. “There are three mysteries in this world: air to a bird, water to a fish and human kind to ourselves.” We also discussed how we define power, “it’s the ability to convert ideas into results with velocity in a time frame that matters.” Bix shared on how changing company culture can, “attack the most vulnerable rather than confront the most powerful.” We also discussed new ways of learning, “play is the difference between the rules of the game, and the freedom to act within those rules.” Towards the end of the show, we talked about how we can create the future.

Bix also shared on;

    The DNA of organizations and the role of conversation
    How most companies and people are living in other people’s thinking
    How school ruined us
    Background and foreground conversations
    The interlocking conspiracy of disloyalty
    How to access action

Every breakthrough in history, was a matter of someone standing on their own two feet and saying something was possible where there was no evidence. It is our job to invent, imagine, create and declare the future and have the courage to strive for it. Power is the ability to live in the future and call the present to us. We have to overturn the biggest consideration that has us acting the way we’re acting, and we do that, not by getting rid of challenging circumstances, but by letting them inform us externally, not determine us internally.  Ultimately, we should reject living in someone else’s thinking and live in the interlocking conspiracy of disloyalty.

Guest Bio

Since 1985 Bix, the future hacker, has consulted major corporations, institutions, non-profit organizations and individuals throughout the world. He is regarded as a foremost authority on the ability to accelerate significant measurable change across large, complex projects and organizations. Simply put, he brings the mojo back into companies. His work includes executive consultation and coaching, organizational design and development and engaging and aligning people on every level in the organization. Bix is engaged by clients globally to bring mojo back. Send an email to bix@bixbickson.com for more information or follow him on Twitter Twitter.com/BicksTweet.

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