010: From Loser to Legend Part 2 w/Skip Jansen

Monday 20th May 2019

Legendary sales executive in the corporate events industry, Skip Jansen continues his personal journey from being an alcoholic who started drinking at 11 years old to designing a legendary life and having a “true north.”

I never compare myself to other people anymore. -Skip Jansen

Key Takeaways From This Episode

    When your life isn’t working, it heaps a lot of fear on you. You have to get over the fear.
    Gratefulness can transform your life and your relationships
    Don’t judge a person by the obstacles they’ve overcome. If you really want to know someone, put someone in a position of power.

We kicked off Part 2 with Skip’s “true north,” which is to be a good son. Skip reminds us that our responsibility is to the best version of ourselves, regardless of how we feel about others in our life. Maybe you have a bad spouse, but just because you have a bad spouse doesn’t give you the right to be a bad spouse in return.

Skip then shared on;

    The power of gratitude
    His near-obsessive love of Pearl Jam concerts
    Why he stopped comparing himself to other people
    The ability to be content and show up as YOU

We also discussed how Abigail is a “spoiled dinosaur” and why we may never eat chicken again. And finally, Skip left us with a legendary quote, “I find that the biggest limitation on my life is in my my own mind.”

Guest Bio: Skip Jansen

Skip is the Vice President of Business Development at Rezin8. He uses his unique understanding of strategy and creative to keep the teams aligned with the client’s objectives on projects both large and small; because they’re all mission critical. Go to Rezin8.com for more information.

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