009: From Loser to Legend Part 1 w/Skip Jansen

Tuesday 18th June 2019

Legendary sales executive in the corporate events industry, Skip Jansen shares his personal journey from being an alcoholic who started drinking at 11 years old to designing a legendary life. Skip is open, honest, funny and real, so buckle up for the latest episode of Legends & Losers!

Normal people adjust their behavior to achieve their goals. Alcoholics and addicts adjust their goals to accommodate their behavior. -Skip Jansen


    If we’re able to satisfy the baseline of the pyramid of needs, what shows up after that is making a difference and being of service.

    Sobriety: It takes 0-5 years to get your head out of your ass, 5-10 years to figure out who you want to be, and 10 years to become that person.

    Don’t get too hungry, angry, lonely and tired.

At the start of the show, we talked about dyslexia, alcoholism, and Skip’s work as a sponsor, and some of the struggles he went through when he was drinking. “The guy I am today, I would have made fun of because I was envious.” He shared on how he inspired a former client to get sober, and how becoming sober connected him to a purpose and changed how he works. Skip went on to share on how he built client relationships when he was powdering people’s faces backstage.

Skip also shared on;

    The stated spiritual component to AA and finding a higher power
    The wonderful experience he’s had with his family
    How alcoholism affects everyone else in your life
    The tribe, community and commonality in AA
    Applying the service model in everything he does
    What comes after achieving the basics on Maslow’s pyramid of needs

The steps in Alcoholics Anonymous were created to help people overcome their past and create brighter futures. The final step is all about making a difference so you can be in touch with the commitment to being who you are. The organization is about being a part of the fabric of the tribe and when you’re part of it, you do what you have to do to keep it together. It’s all about giving people a sense of tribe, community and commonality. It’s also about carrying the message, making a difference and applying the service model in everything you do.

Guest Bio

Skip is the Vice President of Business Development at Rezin8. He uses his unique understanding of strategy and creative to keep the teams aligned with the client’s objectives on projects both large and small; because they’re all mission critical. Go to Rezin8.com for more information.

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