006: All Things Legendary: Category Design & Why Amazon Might Take Over the World

Thursday 20th June 2019

Amazon is the number one company in the cloud computing space. Why is it the epitome of a category king? What is AWS and why should we care about it? Why are chickens so near and dear to this show? On this episode, we share how Amazon captured the cloud, how information technology has created abundance, and category design in the business and personal space. Get your favorite drink ready for this episode, and join our drinking game!

You have to pair up the right insight with your superpower, or you’ll poorly execute on whatever that is, and end up not being the category king. -Matt Johnson


    Before the cloud, transactional companies had to buy, install and manage a maximum level of computing power.
    Information technology has created a paradigm where the economy is actually creating abundance.
    We’re living in a winner takes all world: 10% of the world’s companies generate 80% of the profits.
    Did you know: chickens are direct descendants of the T-Rex. We call them little dinosaurs!

At the start of the show we talked about Amazon, why it’s such a powerful company, and how it created a new category from excess computing power. We also shared on the changes technology has brought about, “information technology and it being embedded in everything is creating a paradigm where the economy is actually creating abundance.” Towards the end of the show, we shared on the power of podcasting and sparking legendary tenacity.

We also shared insights on:

    The compounding power of a category king
    Why we’re living in a winner take all world
    Pairing your superpower with a need that captures the market
    An interesting story about Lady Gaga and drones at the Superbowl
    Little dinosaurs and why they are so awesome

Becoming a category king in your own domain is all about finding the sweet spot between something unique enough to dominate, and something you consider your unique superpower. You want to be the only logical choice in a market that has enough demand for the venture to be profitable. The game comes down to creating a category that brings about abundance. It takes legendary tenacity, seeing problems and delivering solutions that carve out incredible new spaces.  

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