004: Why Technology is Shaku Atre’s Ticket to the World

Thursday 20th June 2019

It’s hard to be successful without passion. What do ambitious women need to equip themselves with to become successful? How do they set themselves apart, deal with problems and take responsibility for both success and failure? On this episode of Legends and Losers, Shaku Atre shares her incredible life experiences and imparts her knowledge about tech, data and women in tech and business.

Find out what your passion is and specialize yourself in that area so there are very few people who can compete with you. -Shaku Atre


    If something matters to you, you should do it without permission. Sometimes asking for permission is a way to blame someone else for your setbacks and failures.
    Barriers are just opportunities to prove yourself.
    When you write, let the readers have their own discoveries There’s a lot of joy when they find the answer themselves.

At the start of the show Shaku shared her life story from her early interest in math, to being the first girl in her village to go to college, and her career at IBM. She also shared on what she’s learned in her journey, and the wisdom she can impart to women who are trying to work their way up. Shaku also talked about the importance of specializing and finding an area to dominate. She shared on writing, public speaking and why passion is the fuel for success.

Shaku also shared insights on:

    The immigrant experience as a woman
    How to take emotion out of negotiation
    The power of writing for the audience not yourself
    Why it’s important to have challenging people around you

One of the first things most women have to learn is taking calculated risks and not taking no as an answer. It’s important to think without procrastinating and be prepared to show what you’re capable of. When you find your passion and speciality, you stand out more, and when you stop asking for permission you can write your own ticket to freedom. Don’t be afraid of losing, if you’re never a loser you will never discover what’s better.

Guest Bio

Shaku is the founder and managing partner of the Atre Group, Inc. Santa Cruz, California, and New York City, NY- a business intelligence and data warehousing corporation. She is an internationally renowned expert who lectures on business intelligence, data warehousing, data mining, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and database technology. Atre is also the author of six highly regarded books. She has worked with a number of organizations including financial institutions, manufacturing companies, Insurance organizations and health industry in resolving a number of business related issues by implementing appropriate technology. Shaku has worked for IBM in Germany and the USA and she was a partner at Price Waterhouse Coopers for a number of years. She has been an entrepreneur and has founded a number of IT companies in New York and California. Go to www.Atre.com for more information, follow her on Twitter @ShakuAtre and click here for Christopher Lochhead’s Quora article featuring Shaku.

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