002: Reimagining Selling in a New Mobile Digital World w/Adam Honig

Tuesday 18th June 2019

Fear is a big showstopper for entrepreneurs, and it keeps them from taking risks and becoming legends. What is the journey of learning from failure, building a new business and keeping your sense of humor and ultimate vision intact? On this episode, Spiro co-founder Adam Honig shares his career journey and the mindset he applies to his work.

If you want to do something great you have to put your heart in it. If you put your heart in it, you can’t let your head get in the way. -Adam Honig


    One of the reasons a lot of entrepreneurs don’t do things that are different & provocative is they’re afraid of a backlash.
    If you want to succeed as an entrepreneur it’s necessary to visualize where you want your venture to go.  
    The A-ha moment for entrepreneurs comes in either technical insights or market insights.

At the start of the show, Adam shared how he got into his career, and the lessons he learned early on. He also talked about how he got into CRM, and how he was inspired by the challenges salespeople face daily to get the job done. Next he talked about the insights that helped him launch Spiro and why the company’s birth was all about perfect timing. He also shared on the marketing practices he carried out at the launch of the business. Towards the end of the show, we talked about how Spiro zoned in on its category.

Adam also shared on:

    How machine learning, big data and mobile came together for Spiro
    How Spiro used comedy writers to create sales personas
    Brand POV and brand attitude
    How Adam stays lighthearted through business challenges

A business venture must be a living, breathing, in-the-game experiment, and it requires you to learn as you go along, and fix the problems that arise. For it to be great, your heart has to be in it. That will give you the fuel to keep pushing, and the humility to keep learning. Don’t let your head or fear get in the way of your heart, you’ll go far with courage.   

Guest Bio

Adam is the co-founder & CEO of Spiro Technologies, Blogger and Speaker. Go to Spirohq.com for information.

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