001: Getting in the Game & Achieving Ferocious Happiness w/Dushka Zapata

Monday 20th May 2019

We have less time than we think. Procrastination, fear and the pursuit of external validation take even more precious time away. How do we make sure we’re turning mistakes into lessons, and practicing enough to master our dreams? On this episode of Legends and Losers, writer Dushka Zapata shares her extraordinary life story, and gives her wisdom on getting in the game and achieving ferocious happiness.

There are two kinds of people. The ones that sit on the sidelines doing nothing other than finding fault in what the participants do, and the participants. -Dushka Zapata


    Have a beginner’s mind, when you go through the world like a beginner you’re open to everything.
    The most dangerous form of procrastination is the type where you leave for later, what you want to do the most.
    Attempting something and struggling doesn’t mean you’re losing, it means you’re learning.

At the start of the show, we introduced Legends and Losers and we talked about getting in the game. Our guest Dushka told us her life and the journey she took to writing her books. She talked about the impact her father’s dementia had on her, and how it taught her not to procrastinate. “There’s the type [of procrastination] where you leave for later, what you want to do the most. It’s sneaky, because we disguise it with responsibility.” She went on to talk about being an amateur, and why it’s a good thing. Towards the end of the show, Dushka talked about how we learn from bad moments. “Any form of struggle is uncomfortable, but that’s where the lesson is.”

Dushka also shared insights on:

    Why it’s very difficult to have an identity without a WHY
    How we paralyze progress when we try too hard to be perfect
    The power of practice when we’re trying to learn
    How to handle criticism
    Introverts, extroverts and where each type gets energy
    Why it’s important not to invest too much in being a legend
    How to pinpoint the moments you’re learning the most

An amateur is someone who does something for love, someone who’s always willing to learn something new, and manufacture action out of fear. If you’re too scared to be loser you’ll never be a legend. It’s necessary to do things for the right reasons, not external validation, because it’s fickle. When it comes to how we learn, remember: practice and everything will come. You can either be a participant in life, or sit at the sidelines missing out on valuable lessons.

Guest Bio

Dushka Zapata has worked in the communications industry for over 20 years running agencies like Edelman and Ogilvy in Silicon Valley. She specializes in coaching executives to talk to media, give presentations, and refine what they want to say. Find her writing on https://www.quora.com/profile/Dushka-Zapata

Here’s what Dushka had to say about her experience on Legends & Losers:

Christopher’s latest venture is a brand new podcast called “Legends and Losers”. The show is true to his character: voracious, exciting, outrageous and intelligent.

Christopher recently had me on as a guest and very quickly made me forget I was on a podcast. Instead he made me feel we were in his study late at night drinking whiskey and pondering life.

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