000: Personal Category Design: The Story Behind Legends & Losers

Saturday 17th August 2019

There’s a crisis in American entrepreneurship right now. Millennials are forecasted to be the least entrepreneurial generation in history. Why is this state of affairs bad for the country as a whole? How can people get inspired to design their own lives? In the very first episode of Legends and Losers, we share our stories, and talk about what inspired the creation of this show.

What determines whether or not we’re a loser isn’t that we lose, it’s that we make the decision we’re not going to continue to be a loser. – Chris Lochhead


    1. If you want to make a difference, start a podcast, it’s how you can reach more of the world.


    1. In tech, the category king gets 76% of the economics.


    We’re living in a winner-take-all world, and the question for up and coming entrepreneurs is how to break in when so few people have so much.

At the start of the show, Colin shared his background, and the journey he took to become a photographer. “Photographers enjoy the world more from a visual standpoint than other people.” Next we talked about the crisis in American entrepreneurship, and how this sparked the inspiration for this show. We also shared on succeeding in a winner-take-all world, my journey to entrepreneurship, and what’s coming up on Legends and Losers.

We also shared insights on:

    • How to stoke entrepreneurship and innovation in America


    • Entrepreneurship as a way out or a way up


    • Why podcasts go beyond radio shows


    Personal category design and its connection to entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a way out or a way up for individuals who want to design their own lives. Its decline threatens the enterprising spirit of the nation. It’s necessary to encourage category design both personally and professionally, and stoke the flame of entrepreneurship and innovation through teaching and inspiring. All levels of entrepreneurship are needed, and we succeed when the people who have made it to the top, send the elevator down for more people.